LABOR national conference concluded with the roadmap to win next federal election

LABOR national conference concluded with the roadmap to win next federal election

29By Manoj Kumar – Social Worker

ALP three-day national conference, which concluded in Melbourne on Sunday last week has given a roadmap for winning at next federal election. All the key policies were debated respectfully with various creative ideas and looking into the practical aspect for change/review in the best interest of Australian community at large. Some of the hot policies/topics are outlined herewith that would be the winning edge for Labor at next federal election.

Climate Change and clean energy: The ALP leader Bill Shorten mentioned in his opening speech at the conference to aggressively promote climate as key electoral issue. He said that Labor will support a target of 50% of stationery energy from renewables by 2030 and establish a national emission trading scheme (ETS). Mr. Shorten mentioned climate is “economic & environmental cancer that demands early intervention. In his opinion, this issue is about national security and “national health”. Labor will push in innovations and investment in clean energy sectors to create more jobs and with cleaner climate.

Asylum Seekers: This was the most sensitive issue on the floor to be debated with clusters of ideas & arguments. The centre of debate was the risk of life associated with the asylum seekers travelling in dangerous boat from Indonesia and how to protect such lives from sinking into the sea.

Finally, the floor concluded to double the number of taking refugees into Australia and pledge to spend $450 million over the next four years on the UN High Commissioner for Refugeesto care more for real asylum seekers. However, it was mentioned to deal with the boat & turning it back to protect the lives of people sinking into the sea. Labor has shown its great support to the refugee by doubling the numbers refugees taking into Australia and increasing the Australian fund to UNHCR.

Education: The conference concluded on valuing the education to its education platform that assures better early year’s education and care, more support for science, engineering, technology & math teachers, high standard in initial teacher education, primacy of public TAFE provision and affordable higher education. The ALP continued with its commitments to the Gonski resource standard in the school which will add value to all children of Australia with better education.

Health: The conference concluded with the commitment to support Medicare and the pharmaceutical benefits scheme that are the components of labor vision for a fairer Australia. It is recognised to invest in good health for all Australians to deliver a productive workforce and a competitive economy. Mental health is recognised as priority for action along with the commitment to strong & properly resourced public health system.

Same-sex marriage: The conference concluded with an amendment that approved conscience votes on gay marriage for the next two terms of parliament, by which time most expect the matter to be settle¬d in federal parliament.

Overall, the three days ALP Conference was concluded with various hot and respectful debates to bring best outcome for the Australian people. Such policies are more towards the interest of people at large specially related education, health and climatic change and going to give winning edge to Labor in next federal election. The two most sensitive issues i.e. same- sex marriage and asylum seekers were heavily debated and the floor tried it best to bring an integrative outcome of it.

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