Kruti Welfare Australia presents: Sukhanshi Bhandato Aamhi

Kruti Welfare Australia presents: Sukhanshi Bhandato Aamhi

On Sunday 23rd July 2017, Kruti Welfare Australia is presenting a Marathi Drama “ Sukhanshi Bhandato Aamhi” , A Marathi Association Sydney Incorporated Production, Supported By Lions Club, at Casula Power House Arts Centre, 1 Powerhouse Rd, Casula NSW 2170.

This is the first Marathi drama in Australia, that was staged successfully three times , in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

The upcoming fourth show for CHARITY is probably the most special, to Writer Mr Abhiram Bhadkamkar, Director Mr Napoleon Almeida and all the cast and crew of Sukhanshi Bhandato Amhi. All proceeds of this 4th show will go towards supporting Kruti’s Mission.

“We all know how tough it could be for a family with very low or no income , to support and cope up with a Thalassemic Child , who is in constant need for blood transfusion and medical support. We at Kruti have an ongoing MISSION: REACHING OUT TO THALASSEMIC KIDS and our members have shown extra ordinary involvement to deliver towards the mission since 2015. To support the mission, our Kruti Team along with SBA Team, led by Mr Napoleon Almeida has put together this show,” Shekhar Mahajan, Member of Team Kruti said.

He further added: “This show is PURELY a FUNDRAISER and every single cent raised will be spent towards Kruti’s Mission.

EVERYONE involved with this programme are volunteers and DRAWS NO INCOME from this activity. We strongly urge everyone to support this activity. We are aiming for a HOUSEFULL SHOW and this will not be possible without your support. So just by purchasing a ticket, you will not only experience an entertaining and eye-opening drama but all proceeds generated will go towards saving someone special’s life. One person alone cannot make much of a difference, but if we all come together, SKY IS THE LIMIT.

We also request you to a spread the word and encourage your friends and family members to support this noble cause.”

For Ticket Bookings, Sponsorship or any information and questions regarding the event you may contact:

Mrs Nilima Berde : 0407 149 442 Lion Jasaman Sethi : 0432 712 903

Mr Napoleon Almeida : 0402 057 014

Mrs Swapna Mahajan : 0438 588 565 Mr Arun Samuel : 0431 170 902

Mr Prashant Sonje : 0402 884 828

Lion Subhash Aryal 0452 498 528 Mr Shekhar Mahajan : 0408 144 411

Mr Sunil Ranadive : 0411 384 342

Mr Vishal Gokule : 0424 200 555 Mr Sanjay Lohar : 0401 524 209

Mr Anand Chaudhary : 0432 107 633

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