KnowTechPro Series: Know Technology from Professionals

By Ashutosh Raina

Is it 0 or is it 1? 0 1 – the only language combination which our computers understand. And thankfully, we don’t have to master that, to understand the various applications, softwares and websites or mobile apps. It is all because of the beauty and intelligence which software architects, designers and developers get on the table and make it simpler and easier for us all. By us, I mean all the users, businesses – small, medium or large, enterprise or corporate and the government.

What does a business, small/medium/big, need is a very simple and critical query to start with. An email, we all assume, to communicate. And with email, comes the domain name of the business they represent. And with which comes the website – the online presence – which tells the world what the business is all about as well as what they can do for its end customers and which all locations do they cater to.

For Example: If a business is in the business of tour and travels with the registered name as Master Tour & Travels Pty. Ltd., they might want to book a domain like or or, depending on availability of the domain and/or how they want to run their business (local / regional / global / commercial). The business might also want to have an email like or Once you book a domain, you also need to have information of your business for the world to see and know, which will give shape to your website (the online presence).

A website could be: Static (information only), Dynamic (info changes based on user preferences and usage), eCommerce (user can do business through the site).

A website developed for businesses these days utilises a concept called as responsive design, wherein the business does not have to think about how the site will open on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. The responsive design/development takes care of such details and will be as user friendly on any of the devices used by the users.

An extension of such an online presence is a mobile application, where the info as well as transactions could be actioned on using an app, either on iOS or Android, as per the latest usage patterns. This would involve a bit of complex coding in either of the native operating systems, but there are enough companies who do cater to such needs of businesses in the local/global market.

Next in the value chain comes the Digital Marketing and Solutions, including Social Media Marketing, which we will dig deeper in our next edition. Till then, for any queries on above, do get in touch with me at

(KnowTechPro Series – is the very first article, of many more to come, on Technology, initiated by Ashutosh Raina, Founder Director – Knowledge Partner Professionals Pty Ltd.)

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