KnowTechPro Series: Digital Marketing and Solutions

By Ashutosh Raina

Digital marketing is the marketing and promotion of products and/or services using digital technologies, majorly on the internet but also on mobile phones, display advertising, and other available digital medium. In this age of internet, mobile and social media communication, digital strategy is very important. It helps in laying out an organization’s vision, goals, opportunities and related activities to its target audience and helps to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organization.

It helps create a ‘SINGLE View’ to get unified view for clients, linking their social identities with enterprise customer identities to derive the best ROI. A digital engineer works to define client objectives, consult on various options (such as social media, search engine optimisation, website traffic analysis) and arrange perfect execution of either the campaign or the website.

As a digital partner, IT companies can help their clients realize business value by providing digital solutions for innovations in business processes, products, services and customer experience. The marketing activities and solutions which can be included are as:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content & Influencer marketing
  • E-mail – Direct & Campaign marketing
  • Content automation
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Social media marketing & Optimization
  • Display advertising
  • E–books and games
  • Targeted Blogs, Posts & Articles
  • Non-Internet channels like mobile phones (SMS and MMS) and callback

Comprehensive digital strategy will help clients to be more competitive in the business as well as online world. IT companies conduct a thorough stock check of what is important to a client’s business, provide input and suggest on the options available to them. Implementation of a unique strategy for the client organisation to ensure that the right outcomes are achieved is a part of the whole process.

Email Marketing – From email newsletters to one-off email campaigns or electronic Easter, Christmas or New Year cards, IT companies design and deliver powerful messages by emails.

Social Media Marketing – From Facebook, Twitter, social media designs, through to managed and focussed social media, such as weekly or daily blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook updates, IT companies build audiences, created innovative social media campaigns for their end clients.

Digital Signage solutions help to meet the market demand & bring a new outlook to advertising and marketing industry across globe. It helps to:

  • Launch and market new government policy/initiatives
  • Information to Public / Customers
  • Promotion of policy / product / service (movie, song, schemes, offers, discounts, etc)
  • Customer Loyalty & Engagement

Video Brochure is another form of digital solutioning and offers the best physical and digital experience into a single platform. Smartly packed into a well-built beautifully-designed pack, it is a Video screen cleverly embedded into print media. Audience can read printed pages and watch high quality video along with stereo sound and delivers the message straight into the “Hands, Eyes and Ears” of the target audience.

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Next in the value chain comes Reporting & Analytics – the intelligent way to see data.

(KnowTechPro Series – is a series on Technology, initiated by Ashutosh Raina, Founder Director – Knowledge Partner Professionals Pty Ltd.)


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