Know Tech Pro Series What makes a student successful? InTech teaches a lesson of achievement Self-realization through study

Know Tech Pro Series What makes a student successful? InTech teaches a lesson of achievement Self-realization through study

ashutoshBehind each student there is a goal. Whether it is to have a Bachelor from a Top University, to become a permanent resident, to learn a new profession, or to be taught how to run a business, InTech will offer you the tools and the support to reach your personal goals. Recognized by Australian universities and by the automotive professions, this Brisbanite College has shown strong advantages for its students.

Based in the beautiful Brisbane, InTech has over 30 years of existence; it first made its debut in South Africa before offering its expertise in Australia where it could embrace at the fullest multiculturalism. With over 15000 students since its creation, the College, two times finalist of the Ethic Business Award has proven its ability to drive its mission: prioritize students ‘ambition with honesty and integrity. InTech offers twice a week, the service of an in-house Migration Agent, who helps gracefully the InTech students to apply for their visa or answer to their legal questions.

The achievement of InTech would be nothing without the student’s one. “Students enrolled in vocational study such as automotive course, targeting the Permanent Residency visa and we are here to give them the tools to earn it.” – Ashwin Deo, Automotive teacher at InTech.

9Petr comes from Europe and has been studying at InTech for 3 years. “I was graduated over a year ago and I am now a qualified auto electrician working full time in an electrical workshop in Ashgrove. And I love my job”. Petr explains that becoming an auto electrician was his life’s goal and was also a good step to live in Australia through the student visa. “I didn’t’ know what the next steps will be, but I was following my vision of becoming an auto electrician. Therefore I sent my application through to InTech.”

When Petr describes his student’s life he salutes the pleasing time of being a student but also admits the hardship a student can get through: “There are always two sides, the good one was an easy student life, working only 20 hours a week, enjoying my free time around Brisbane, going to class to learn new things, being there with the other students. I was always enjoying being in the classroom and even more in the workshop which we were sharing with the mechanical students. Friendly and warm atmosphere, we were always staying after class to chat and socialize. The bad side was that working only 20H per week is not enough in the real life and that it can get tough”.

Petr certifies the support received by InTech to reach his goal. “At the time of my application through InTech, the automotive classes were focused on mechanical only, which I did not have any interest in, so me and my friend went to see the director to discuss on a separated electrical class. InTech met our need and opened electrical classes for my classmate and myself; yes we were only two in the class at that time! Such a small class allowed me to learn my job even more efficiently. I am very grateful for all of it”. During his study Petr has done a job placement in a professional workshop in order to gain experience and to secure the required number of hours for his next visa application. “I absolutely recommend it to a new student. For me work placement is a must do. You will learn about yourself. In the workplace you can see if you like the job or if it is not for you. My work placement brought me new friends and also a little piece of experience to start my journey. As a professional now, I think garages are open to place a student. When I was at InTech, I got my placement in the first one I went to!”

Now on the Post Graduate Visa 485, Petr is undertaking a program called TRA in order to obtain the permanent residency since his occupation is on the Skill Occupation List. “I have reached my first goal with my profession and I am closer than ever to become an Australian permanent resident”.

Australia is the 4th most efficient country in producing graduates. The renown of the Australian education attracts international student from all over the world. With Brisbane hosting 70% of Queensland universities, InTech proud itself for the close relationships it had built with the South Queensland universities. Many students targeting Bachelor or Master Degree come through InTech with many different motivations.

Suzie who is from China could not meet the English requirement entry to the university and she has been advised to undertake her first year of study at InTech with an English entry level accessible for her (IELTS 5.0). She is now on her last year of Bachelor Degree. She remembers: “Once I had completed the Diploma of Leadership and Management at InTech, I used the Uni-Pathway to join the University that I intended to go in the first place, without having to pass another English test! I literally bypassed the University English entry!” During her first year of Study she met with Josie. Josie started her Australian journey with InTech because she could get 8 credits for the university, equivalent to the first year of Bachelor. Strategically it has been a clever move since she had saved $000 by comparison with students who directly started at university.

Besides its popular university pathway, a lot of the InTech academic students enrolled after failing repetitively the university. Jason, IT student, explains, “I found very difficult to adapt to a new country while being so far from my family and friends, and also, I have to confess, it requires a certain maturity to manage such a new freedom without having my parents looking after me. Plus, the way of teaching was different from my home country.” After failing his first year at the QUT, he enrolled at InTech and appreciated the intimacy of the College where the teachers and the staff knew him. Amy, Head of Administration at InTech insists, “We are not only here to provide an education to our students, but also to support them in their transition to their new student Australian life. I want them to know that our team is available at any time, at any day in case of personal hardship; more than a school, I like to believe that we form a big Family. And nothing pleases me more than the visit of a former student who flourished in its professional and personal life”.

Because of the market and university demands InTech recently opened a new Engineering Program “Diploma of Engineering” and “Advanced Diploma of Engineering” leading to a University Pathway and giving to InTech graduate students up to 8 subject-credits. Nowadays, the importance of Engineering is strong and sets students for professional success:  “Engineering companies around the world are now on the lookout for Australian qualified engineers to take advantage of exciting engineering opportunities” – Engineers Australia. The engineering program is lead by Dr Iyer who teaches Engineering at University and with Miss Alka who also works with University (UQ).  “It is important to be aligned with the universities in order to deliver a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma of quality with a secured outcome for our students,” the teachers added. This program is a mix of practice training and of lectures so students have the keys to achieve their potentials and the previous term the school invested in a 3D Printers.

In the future InTech College is employed to deliver a new Program “Age Care” practice-training based. InTech will also diversify its Business program by offering a new course “Leadership and Innovation”. And newly the InTech Business section has been granted direct entry to Griffith University: “It is certainly an asset for our students and we feel our efforts of working toward an education of quality have been rewarded” – Robin Jaggessar, Director of InTech. InTech is also giving back to the community and had exported its IT training on Robotic Programming to young Indian students in India through the ambitious training agenda “Skilling India”. “It is a great opportunity to expand our high-qualified vocational education across the globe,” declared the Training and Skills Minister, Yvette D’Ath.

(The writer, Ashutosh Raina, is the Founder Director @ Knowledge Partner Professionals Pty Ltd.)


Interview / Discussion by Ashutosh Raina, with Robin Jaggesar & Amy Jaggesar–state-of-kerala

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