Know India Programme portal launched

Know India Programme portal launched

The Ministry of External Affairs of India has launched a portal for Know India Programme (KIP) for engagement with young overseas Indians.  The portal was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister for External Affairs on 17th June 2017 and it enables Indian origin youth to apply online for KIP programmes.  During the year 2017-18 six KIPs will be organized by the Ministry of External Affairs, four of these KIPs will be organised in 2017 while the remaining two will be organised in early 2018. The schedule of these KIPs could be seen online.

2. The overseas Indian origin youths can submit applications online from 23rd June to 21st July 2017 for the following first four KIPs to be held in 2017:-

                                               No.                Date                                            Partner States
                                              41 KIP       8-17 September 2017               Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh
                                              42 KIP       4-13 October 2017                    Jharkhand & Chhattisgarh
                                              43 KIP       6-15 November 2017                Meghalaya & Assam
                                              44 KIP       5-14 December 2017                Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

3.  While applying online the applicants can indicate their preferences for any three KIPs.

4.  The 45th and 46th  KIPs will be held in early 2018. Applications for these KIPs will be accepted in October.

5.  We solicit your assistance in publicizing this among the community members, particularly the youths, so that they could submit their applications online well before the deadline of 21st July 2017for the first four KIPs.

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