Killed in accident, Indian boy buried in Bahrain

Killed in accident, Indian boy buried in Bahrain

roadThe body of a three-year-old Indian boy, who died after being hit by a car, has been buried in Bahrain.

Safvaan Umar Dauadbhai who was run over by a car while crossing a narrow lane in Muharraq, Bahrain’s third largest city, Saturday was buried Sunday, the Gulf Daily News reported.

The driver of the car and the child’s grandparents took him to King Hamad University Hospital, where he died some 45 minutes later.

“Safvaan was walking home from tuition with his grandparents when a policeman crashed into him,” the victim’s uncle Ashraf Karim said.

Karim added that the family was seeking a full investigation into the accident.

He said the accident happened in an area where children often play.

Reports of the accident on social media claimed that the child was hit by a police patrol jeep but Karim said it was not true.

He said the driver was a policeman but he was driving his own vehicle at the time of the incident.

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