‘Kannada Rajyotsava 2015’ Organized by Adelaide Kannada Sangha Inc

‘Kannada Rajyotsava 2015’ Organized by Adelaide Kannada Sangha Inc

rajyotsav rajyotsav2 rajyotsav3This year Adelaide Kannada Sangha Inc organised “Rajyotsava 2015” on 7th November 2015 at Slovenian Community Hall, Dudley Park. The aim was to show case the rich culture of Local Kannada Community particularly youth.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Rajyotsava 2015, the organisation had the Dana Worley, State Member of Parliament, representing their

South Australia Premier Jay Wetherill, Russel Wortley, President, SA

Legislature Assembly and Tony Zappia, Federal MP from Makin. The function started by lighting the lamp on stage to mark its 10th year.

Adelaide Kannada Sangha Inc every year on first Saturday of

November – organises Kannada Rajytosava to mark the formation of Karnataka state (Province) in India based on the linguistic population. It was a vibrant evening of cultural dances, traditional dances, songs , skits, drama and a full showcase of  Kannada culture by kids, young adults , women and seniors as well. It was well attended by over 450 people.

Adelaide Kannada Sangha Inc is one of the oldest Associations in Adelaide

(even though officially registered 10 year back). Every year they organize two

annual functions attracting all the Indian communities around Adelaide. The

aim of Adelaide Kannada Sangha Inc is to promote literary, educational,

cultural activities of Kannada loving people, facilitate charitable activities, and to

create an opportunity for the cultural exchange between the multicultural people

of the Australia and Karnataka (India) in particular and any other part of the

world where people of Karnataka may reside, in general.


The organization also aims to encourage individuals of the Australian community in general with its unique multicultural composition, to participate in such activities, to promote and spread the beauty of the culture of Kannada speaking people of India, with those belonging to the Australian community. It is the belief of the organisation that such inter-cultural understanding shall promote the harmonious blending and understanding of the particular features that differentiates the cultures of the Indian sub-continent from those that compose this unique multicultural milieu of the continent of Australia.


Further information on Adelaide Kannada Sangha Inc visit: www.kannada.com.au

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