‘Kallol’ organised by Gujarati Samaj of NSW celebrated with full zest and zeal

‘Kallol’ organised by Gujarati Samaj of NSW  celebrated with full zest and zeal

1 2 3 4Gujarati Samaj of NSW has been celebrating ‘Kallol’, a program for kids for

many years now. It has been a trade mark show for Gujarati Kids to showcase

their talents and perform on the stage.

This year too, ‘Kallol’ was arranged by Gujarati Samaj on 1st of August at

Sydney Bhai Centre. The hard work done by all the choreographer, volunteers

and Gujarati Samaj Team was paid off when the kids lit the stage with their

immaculate performances.

President of Gujarati Samaj, Mr. Jaydatt Nayak with Mrs Meha Shah made sure

that the whole program remained smooth and systematic. The amount of input

they had given to make this event successful is worth appreciating.

More than 200 kids took part in different performances which included folk

dance, Bollywood theme events, drama and religious performances, etc. Kids

aged between 3-15 years took part in these events with full confidence and

enthusiasm, thereby making their parents and also the entire Gujarati

Community feel proud.

Kallol has been commemorated since a very long time and it has been delivered

with the help of Gujarati Samaj every year for the kids and by the kids. This

program provide a stage to kids to show their talent in group via end number

of events. Guajrati Samaj facilitate all the kids with well trained choreographers

along with a place for the kids to practice for 2-3 months prior to the final show.

All the choreographers worked day and night to make it a grand success.

The fest was decorated by many distinguished guests from the community,

these included, Parliamentary member and corporate companies. Mr. John

Kennedy President of UIA, Mr. Hugh McDermott member of Parliament NSW

, Mr. Praful Desai president of CIA ,Mr. Harish Velji, MR. Navin Khandhar,

Mr. John from Wealth synergy, Satish patel from Euro Solar, Prashant Naik

from Prudential International, Vijay Raj from Select Insurance , all marked their

presence and encouraged the children.

Around 800 parents and their family members attended the show and were

pleased to see their kids showcase their confidence in such style.

Gujarati Samaj is always ready to help the community by providing various

facilities to community members.

Kids took part with full of energy and high level of fervour . It is really

wonderful to watch children perform on stage. It is certainly a delight to watch.

A pleasing moment indeed!

Gujarati Samaj is looking forward to more such enjoyable events in near future

with Navratri Dandiya on 9th and 10th October at Whitlam centre and Diwali

dinner on 7th November.

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