‘Just One More Day’ Comes Out As Strong Content Film, Despite Budgetary Constraints

‘Just One More Day’ Comes Out As Strong Content Film, Despite Budgetary Constraints

Amateur film makers Ashish Sahasrabuddhe and Poonam Sahasrabuddhe debut film, ‘Just One More Day’ was featured at the prestigious international film festivals in Los Angeles and New York.

Not only this, their nine-year-old son Rishi has also won the Best Young Actor Award at the Los Angeles Film Awards for his role of Nick. While Ashish Produced the film, his wife Poonam Sahasrabuddhe, did the Screenplay, Direction and also wrote three beautiful songs for it.

still 2“The whole movie was done by us as a family project simply because we could not spend lot of money due to budget constraints. The entire film was financed by us from our savings. We did not have any film background and we ramped everything up from big zero. For a suburban family like us it was definitely a big leap of faith. When we first began planning for this project, it seemed almost impossible. We wondered, ‘how can a suburban couple with two young kids be able to pull off an entire film project?’

Our journey of making this film, even though challenging, was only possible because of our group efforts. Even our little kids (Rishi and Mahi) completely supported and co-operated with us,” Ashish informed.


“The key to success was me and my wife (Producer and Director) being on the same page, communication and one goal.

Every little addition in the story by me or Poonam were looked upon from different perspective, thoroughly discussed agreed upon before implementing,” the debutant film maker added.


Speaking about the most challenging part in the making of the film, he informed, “As a suburban family, we have jobs, schools to go to, so all the shooting was done after finishing the work, after school, homework and kids other activities.

Everything was limited, the budget, crew members, production gear, locations, time etc vs. lot of work to be done during the shoot and after the shoot.

We did not have 100s of people to work with us, did not have hi-tech equipments like any other big film.

Poonam and I produced the music on our own including the entire background score of the movie. We eliminated as much dependency on other people.”


Ashish and Poonam have already started working on 2 scripts for 2 different projects. “One will be in Marathi and another one in English. The subject is more around teenagers.

Now that we have proved that with so many obstacles we have produced a great content that was recognised worldwide, we will have more partnerships, more people for the next 2 projects, he said in a confident tone.

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