John Ajaka med rel — Nominations Open For Grandparent Of The Year

John Ajaka med rel — Nominations Open For Grandparent Of The Year

1Minister for Ageing John Ajaka today encouraged everyone to show their appreciation for grandparents by nominating for this year’s NSW Grandparent of the Year Awards.

“Grandparents play a significant role in the home and indeed, the community,’ said Mr Ajaka. As a grandparent of six months, I am beginning to understand what an honour and joy it is, and the responsibilities that come with this joy.

“I have come across so many grandparents who provide invaluable care, guidance and exhibit an extraordinary commitment to support their families.

“They’re our best friends and our mentors who are always ready to give a warm hug or inspire with their kind words of wisdom.

Mr Ajaka said grandparents are society’s treasures, rich in history and culture, who share themselves unconditionally without expecting anything in return.

“This is the time to show our recognition and support for the amasing role grandparents play in our lives.

“I urge members of our community, whether you’re a grandchild or someone who is simply thankful for the priceless role older Australians play in our society, to celebrate them by nominating someone for an award.”

Nominations for the Grandparent of the Year Awards will close on Friday, 26 September.

The winners will be announced on Grandparent’s Day on Sunday, 26 October.

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