Japan bans raw pork from restaurant menus

Japan bans raw pork from restaurant menus

maxresdefaultJapanese restaurants will be barred from serving raw pork, including specialities like pork-liver sashimi, owing to the risk it poses of hepatitis E or parasite infection, Efe news agency reported on Thursday.

The ban comes into effect from mid-July and also requires establishments to heat-sterilise pork.

The Japanese health ministry is concerned by the increase in pork-liver consumption since a series of food poisonings in 2012 precipitated a ban on raw beef liver.

In 2014, a total of 146 cases of hepatitis E were registered in Japan, against 55 in 2011, and the government attributes the increase to the consumption of raw pork.

Consuming raw or under-cooked pork also exposes people to the risk of parasite infections such as taeniosis.

The new law requires restaurants to serve only well-cooked pork.

Violation of the new law can result in punishment of up to two years in prison and fines of up to $16,112.

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