Jane Fonda made me cry: Jason Bateman

Jane Fonda made me cry: Jason Bateman

66Los Angeles, Sep 11 (IANS)¬†Actor Jason Bateman struggled to keep composed while filming scenes with Jane Fonda in the new comedy drama “This Is Where I Leave You”.

However, Bateman, who plays Fonda’s on screen son in director Shawn Levy’s film, about a dysfunctional Jewish family, enjoyed working with her, reports contactmusic.com.

“She fully made me cry in scenes where I was not supposed to cry. Since I had kids, I’m a real (sensitive soul), I cry at commercials… it’s terrible…,” he said.

“But when Jane Fonda gets going with this great script on top of it, I started to weep a couple times, embarrassingly, and the director had to say, ‘We need a couple takes with you where you’re dry. Will you shut the faucet off, little girl?’

“But she’s so, so great in this movie, you’ve gotta go see her. She had a real, real presence, a great pedigree that she lends to this film,” he added.

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