“It feels great to see people saying my dialogues”, Sunny Deol

“It feels great to see people saying my dialogues”, Sunny Deol

ghayalHe keeps the audience hooked with his action-packed performance loaded with powerful dialogues some of which have become evergreen. Known for his ‘Dhaai Kilo Ka hath’, Sunny Deol talks about his directorial venture Ghayal Once Again, his journey over the years, his fitness mantra and a lot more in an exclusive interview with Indus Age.

By Nidhi Kumari

On being a part of the Indian film industry for over three decades:

I have enjoyed the complete journey of mine, I have no regrets. I have seen myself grown as an actor and a human being, because experience is something which makes us what we are. And since it has been three decades I have been interacting with loads and loads of fans. It’s the energy which has kept me going for decades and I am sure the energy will take me further ahead as well.

On ‘Sunny Deol’, the name becoming synonymous to power and strength:

It feels strong (smiles), it feels nice. I have picked up the characters, stories and subjects, who are strong, willing to fight for honesty, stand up for the family and that’s what has made me strong (smiles again).

On his upcoming film Ghayal Once Again:

Ghayal Once Again (2016) is a film where my Ghayal (1990) left of from (Jahan maine use khatam kia tha) I have picked up from there. That film (Ghayal) was done when I was young and more of youth and depicted the family and society at that moment. And Ghayal Once Again is about the same character, now Ajay Mehra (Sunny Deol’s character’s name) is in his late 40s, he sees so many things changed and he’s got a lot of transformation in his life. How he would be tackling the society and how he would be adapting to today’s age, is what basically the film is all about.

Another key issue of the whole film is the youth; the age of 16, 17 or18 is when we are so definite about what we want to do, and we feel that this is right and that is wrong. It is only after we venture into the real world do we realize that the path we were thinking how easy and difficult it is, opens in a manner you never thought would be. At the same time our parents are the kind of people who look after and always want to protect and safeguard their children and at times parents go to an extent where they safeguard even if their child is wrong.

So, in my film I have different kind of families, kids from various backgrounds and together they are one but when it comes to issues and their upbringing it is so different. Then it comes back to one day when they want to experience their life and they pick up their own belief and move ahead and suddenly everything changes for them.

A dialogue from Ghayal once again:

There’s one in the film which the kids and everybody follows, it’s: “Agar Hum Sach Ke Sath Hain, Toh Hume Jeetne Tak Haar Nhi Man Ni Chahiye.” I think this is what everyone should be following. And this is what Ajay Mehra has been trying to tell in the film.

What keeps Sunny Deol going?

I think it’s the connection that my audience and I have has kept me going . I have been able to give them what I believe in and somehow that belief matches with what they want so it’s a hand and glove kind of a thing. It’s the interaction that makes me feel confident and puts me on the right direction and guide me where I need to go. That’s why you see people saying my dialogues one had never imagined will become so popular. So, it is great.

One thing Sunny Deol misses from his ‘being a youngster days’

It’s the freedom, it’s the energy which is there around with you at that time. It’s a belief you have that you are invincible that’s what one misses because that’s what you have when you are young.

On being so grounded and humble with no trace of arrogance:

Well, I really don’t know. That’s what people think of me. It’s our family, culture, the way we are brought up and taught to be nice, humble, lovable and not to hurt anybody which is the key to life.

Advice to stay fit:

There are loads of advices. I am because of what I am. I like to get up early, so I am an early riser and I like to work in the morning, I like to play some games that give me positive adrenal. It’s not that I diet but these things leave you eating healthy food. Then to the other part of life also I don’t drink I don’t smoke and the body stays fit.

Message for his fans in Australia:

Hi, Australia, I love you all. I know you all love me and you want me to come. I promise I will come down there but I don’t know when. Till then all the best! Do go watch my film, Ghayal Once Again.

Ghayal Once Again will be released internationally by B4U on 5th February, 2016.




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