Irrfan: “I’m okay being sidelined by Aishwarya in Jazbaa!”

Irrfan: “I’m okay being sidelined by Aishwarya in Jazbaa!”

The globally recognized versatile actor who is known to pick his roles carefully, Irrfan Khan will soon be seen as the rough and rugged cop in Sanjay Gupta’s October 9th release, the edge-of-the-seat, action thriller ‘Jazbaa’. Irrfan speaks exclusively to the Indus Age Team about his various roles, co-stars and his inspiration. Excerpts:

irfanWhat attracted you towards the character of Yohan, a fearless cop in Jazbaa?

I do not think of my role as just that of a cop. I was thinking of my punchlines. My attraction for this film was the punchlines which you will remember. I loved the character and the one liners he dishes out.

Aren’t you worried that you will be sidelined by Aishwarya in ‘Jazbaa’. How was the experience?

I have no qualms in being sidelined by Aishwarya in the film. I don’t think this is her comeback film. I don’t think she went anywhere to be back on screen. I am okay being sidelined. I think it is a good thing as I would be getting sidelined by Aishwarya.

One of the major reasons to do the film was Aishwarya. I was looking forward to get to know her and watch her style of working closely. Nothing could be more exhilarating than seeing a mother taking care of her child and working simultaneously. Acting alongside Aishwarya was the most difficult and toughest thing but she put me at ease. It’s the kind of memory that I will cherish.

How do you decide which films to take up?

I just go by instincts if the story is good and the director and producer is good. But the first thing is you should like is the script. Also, I never thought of becoming an actor. I am here to redefine things. I hate conventional. It is not a thought-out process, it comes from within. It is God given curse or blessing for me.

Growing up, who was your inspiration?

Mithun Da was my inspiration to become an actor and it was only when I saw his acting in the National Award-winning film ‘Mrigayaa’, that I realized the desire to get into acting and become like him. I would try my best to copy Dada’s style and attitude.

Jazbaa, produced by Essel Vision Studios, White Feather Films and Viikings Media and Entertainment is scheduled to release worldwide on 9th October 2015.

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