Into the world of Astrology with Sandeep bhargava

Into the world of Astrology with Sandeep bhargava


This week, family will be a source of stress. Stay calm and take away all the feeling

out your chest, no matter how tough the situation is. You’ll spend half of this week

planning and dealing with your finances. Save money and invest it wisely for your

future. It will be a positive week for professionals. They will feel the security on

their current positions and they will have a fast development in their career. Good

opportunity for amateurs to get suitable employment. You may feel disappointed if

you’re looking for relationship. Married couples may experience disharmony. Avoid

arguments with your partners and with your in-laws.


You have big plans for the future. You may feel like organizing things and setting up

your priorities. Dilemma in the middle of the week may confuse you in which path to

take and getting something done a lot more difficult. In job, complicated task will be

entrusted to you. You may have difficulty performing your tasks efficiently so make

sure to manage your time well. Businesspersons may need to exert more effort to

win over high-worth clients. However, clear-headedness and charisma are going to

get you through it. You will be comfortable in your financial fronts and you may

even save some money. Make sure to invest it wisely in some long-term securities

for your future needs. Seasonal change may cause some health issues. Make sure to

treat it seriously even minor ones and get the right medications.


You’ll be busy this week. Busy with paperwork, trips, errands, trips etc. You may feel

fatigued due to this heavy workload. This will have favorable results so for the

meantime; keep up with those “busy “demands. There ‘s nothing to worry about

your heath this week. You’ll likely to enjoy the good health however, remain

cautious about old health issues. Financial front will not improve. Expenses will

likely to exceed your income so saving money will be difficult. Spend a little less

money than you usually do this week and you’ll be just fine. It will not be a good

time to take the any romantic relationship forward.


You will enjoy the pink of health except for those who are suffering from old health

issues. Family life will be pleasant. You’ll likely to enjoy quality time with your life

partner. Couples will have an enjoyable time this week and may want to start taking

the relationship to the next level. Since you’ll be busy socializing and partying this

week, you may expect some new relationships to take root, which will benefit you

monetarily. At work, your boss may reprimand you for inconsistent performance.

You may feel rebelling and may consider looking for other options. However, it will

not be the right time for job change.


Your main focus this week will be on matters such as money, earning and spending.

Try not to indulge in speculative activities but rather look for a safe investment. In

career and business, you may have a good progress however you may also

encounter obstacles. Your superior will entrust some prestigious task to you and

you will live up to expectations. Your natural leadership will help keep things on

track. This weekend is perfect for starting new endeavors or applying for new jobs.

In health, you will be prone with some unexpected health issue. Make sure to seek

for doctor’s advice to get suitable treatment.


This week, your concern is more about matters related to personal life. It is also a

good time to look around for a suitable change, if in case you’re not comfortable

with your current job. If you have competition at work and you need to make it up

or if you want to satisfy a client now is the best time. Avoid speculative activities to

earn extra cash. Married life is going to be pleasant. Singles may develop physical

intimacy with opposite sex. In health, pay attention to issues concerning your

digestive system to prevent complications. You are advised to have a nutritious diet

and avoid junk foods.


No important deal is likely to develop this week for businesspersons. You are

suggested to use this time to re-organize things and set your priorities right.

Professionals will tend to be over-excited with good developments and this will

motivate them to improve their performance. Return of investments made earlier

will make you feel delighted. Make sure to plan money matters with the long-term

view and allot some for emergency situations. Your children’s demands will increase

and you need to handle it with care. Those who are suffering from old health issues

will likely to discover the right medication for permanent cure. Others will remain in

good health. In matters of the heart, married couples may feel unhappy because

their partners neglect their needs. Singles seeking for long-term relationships will

only be disappointed.


You’ll have an amazing stroke of good luck this week. Everything will be going your

way. It will be a favorable week for businesspersons dealing with government and

semi-government organizations. You may confirm some long-term contract that will

help stabilize your financial front. Don’t spend it recklessly but rather use your

spare funds for re-investment. This week do not seem to be supportive on health

and romance. Married couples will be unhappy with their partners due to

indifferences. Not a good time for singles to build a romantic relationship, especially

if not ready for a long-term commitment. Unexpected health issues may be

diagnosed. It is important to take appropriate preventive measures.


Career-related matters are your main focus this week. At the beginning of the week,

you’ll get all of your work done ahead of time. Keep it up and you might be able to

cut out early and start your weekend early. Expanding the business by grabbing new

customers and exploring new territories will be beneficial for businesspersons.

Unexpected expenses is continuous however, you’ll have a good earning

opportunity. Monetary gain is expected middle of the week and you are suggested to

plan your finances with the long-term perspective. Marital life will be good. Remain

cautious of your health, you may acquire some diseases due to seasonal change.


Progressive forces are at work this week. The energy that accompanies you as you

storm into work will amaze your coworkers. You’ll come up with ideas and

implementations that will stun everyone. This week doesn’t sound favorable for

money matters. Some unplanned expenses are likely to cut your savings. You are

suggested to be very careful in spending your money and find ways to earn extra. In

health, your immune system may get affected and you may acquire diseases due to

seasonal change. Old health issues may reoccur so it’s advisable to take care of your

health and attend to even minor complaints to avoid complications.


Slow digestion is likely to bother you this week. Try some alternative medicine to

find permanent solution to the problem. Avoid acquiring debts to finance your

ambitious projects. You may not be able to repay it on schedule. Instead, you are

suggested to try marketing your products to new territories. Generally, your

financial front will be fine. Some cost-cutting measures should be done to handle

your monetary needs this week. There’s no tendency to enjoy the pleasures of life,

neither occasionally nor by firming up a long-term relationship. Even married

couples are unlikely to enjoy the pleasures of conjugal life.


This week could turn out to be a testing point for your relationship or an endeavor.

You may not be able to concentrate on your routine activities due to issues

concerning your domestic life. Try some way to strengthen the bond with your

spouse or do something to make him/her feel secure in your relationship. This will

be a tedious week for you in terms of career front. Make use of this time to organize

things and try to settle old issues. Cut down unnecessary expenses and avoid

adopting unethical practices or shortcuts to make a extra money this week. In

health, establish a good eating habit to prevent disorders related to your digestive


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