International student numbers up 10.2 per cent above national average

International student numbers up 10.2 per cent above national average


In a promising sign that Victoria remains an attractive destination for  international students, the number of international student course  commencements increased 10.2 per cent by the end of last year, above the  national figure of 9.3 per cent.

Additionally, data from the Commonwealth Government’s Australian Education  International (AEI) shows that Victoria attracted over 143,000  international student enrolments in 2013.

Minister for Innovation Louise Asher said both numbers are encouraging and  show that higher education and English language sectors had the strongest  growth in commencing students for the year.

“I am extremely pleased to welcome so many new students from all parts of  the globe to Melbourne and Victoria,” Ms Asher said.

“We know from the AEI data that around half of enrolments continue to be  from China and India, and there has also been an increase in students from  countries as diverse as Vietnam, Colombia, Brazil and the Philippines.

“Melbourne remains the home of world class quality education and a  lifestyle that combines the best of many of the world’s capital cities,  and I am extremely pleased so many new students are experiencing this for  themselves.

“A further support for international students studying here is the setting  up of a Study Melbourne Facebook page where students can share their  experiences in real time with friends and family both here and at home.

“The Facebook page also provides information about Melbourne and Victoria.
It is a place for students to talk openly about their experiences and seek  answers to any questions they have about living and studying here.

“I encourage students to be part of a growing community by liking the  Study Melbourne Facebook page.”
Other Victorian Government initiatives include a 50 per cent discount on  an annual public transport ticket for eligible international students  covering trains, trams and buses in all metropolitan travel zones, and  regional centres.
International education is Victoria’s single largest export industry  generating over
$4.3 billion in export revenue for the State in 2012–13 and more than
30,000 full time equivalent jobs.
The Victorian Government is committed to maximising the economic and  cultural benefits of international education by supporting Victoria’s role  as a leading global provider of international education.

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