International student employs 10 engineers and managers in home Country while studying in Adelaide!

International student employs 10 engineers and managers in home Country while studying in Adelaide!

5 5ABy- Umesh Nagasandra

Richards David came to Adelaide to pursue Electronics Engineering at the University of South Australia. His Engineering internship is to develop a strategy to have university STEM and non-STEM (SEL) students to teach primary and high school students to program or code microchips to solve problems.STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Maths and SEL is Social Enterprise Learning or CSR.

Richards and his team of STEM and non-STEM students (SEL) and supporters have since developed some very impressive STEMSEL Inventors case studies which are used by Government Ministers and business executives to promote Adelaide as the place to study!

Richards started STEMSEL India to support the Australian Government’s Skills Export initiative. Making use of the huge cost difference STEMSEL India is forging ahead to EXPORT STEMSEL Inventors program to USA.The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize and 2013 US Congressional Gold Medal Recipient Dr Yunus saidat the Dhaka Social Business Design Lab forum on 11-7-2015: “Let’s do it, let’s definitely do it!” to start hundreds of STEMSEL Inventors Social Businesses using micro-finance.


The Indian communities here are very proud of Richards’ achievement. The South Australian and Australian Government are giving STEMSEL India support to promote Australia as the place to study and do business. Universities Vice Chancellors as well as parents and students are impressed. Hariharan, a UTS NSW graduate and STEMSEL NSW Manager joined Richards to expand STEMSEL India workforce.


Richards and his colleagues appreciate the support of the Minister of Higher Education and Science the Hon Gail Gago MLC and Study Adelaide Chairperson and his Executive team to provide them a unique education experience in Australia.

Minister Gago  acknowledges the STEMSEL Foundation project is incredibly valuable to South Australia.

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