International Day of Yoga Melbourne Celebration – A Big Success

International Day of Yoga Melbourne Celebration – A Big Success

Ayurved And Yoga Institute & OFBJP Australia organised the biggest International Day of Yoga in Melbourne

The United Nations declared   June 21st as the International Day of Yoga. The annual event celebration continued on Sunday 19th June at Encore Event Centre, Wyndham City, Melbourne, where the combined forces of OFBJP Australia and Ayurved And Yoga Institute organised a special program to celebrate featuring Deep Peace Meditation, Yoga Breathing, Deep Relaxation, Yogasanas, Ayurvedic and Yogic Knowledge.

Dr Kushagra Bendale, founder of Ayurved and Yoga Institute & Ayurvedic specialist (registered and accredited Ayurvedic Physician) in his speech provided exclusive knowledge about how meditation will prevent medication. Dr Bendale talked about his vision about promoting authenticate Ayurved in Australia for long term health benefits and independent & stress less life.

Dr Yashaswini Bharadwaj (registered and accredited Ayurvedic Physician) presented a topic on authenticated Yoga and Ayurveda, and their use in day to day lifestyle.

Atarva Thornhill and Isha yoga foundation demonstrated beautiful Yoga session. ‘Upyoga’ was performed and taught to public.

Puneet Gulati – Brand ambassador of International Day of Yoga 2016 advised people on the benefits of fitness and Yoga.

Vinayakk Kolaape hosted this International Day of Yoga 2016 and worked with Dr Kushagra in ensuring a smooth event for all the attendees.

People who attended this event provided positive feedback and said that “they are highly motivated and encouraged to perform Yoga, Meditation in their daily lifestyle”.

Dr Bendale thanked OFBJP Australia, Kushagra Bhatnagar, Jay Shah, Vinayakk Kolaape, Neha Kolape, Anand Chukka, Aloke Kumar, Akash Kumar, Dinesh Chauhan, Manoj Kumar, Kapil Katpelly and Puneet Gulati to make this event not only successful but also a wonderful experience for all the audience.

You can contact Dr Kushagra Bendale 0411 477 329 for any future enquiries.



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