Initially Kinnaman perceived ‘RoboCop’ as ‘money scheme

Initially Kinnaman perceived ‘RoboCop’ as ‘money scheme

kinnmanActor Joel Kinnaman, who plays the title role in “RoboCop” reboot, initially assumed that the film was just another money making scheme.

Later, when he was told “Bus 174” fame Jose Padilha is directing it, the project caught his fancy.

“You know there is a lot of wrong ways to do a ‘RoboCop’ remake. There is this obvious just little money scheme of getting something that’s very branded and trying to make some money out of it,” Kinnaman said in a statement.

“But when I heard it was Jose Padilha who was going to do the remake, then I became very interested in it.

“Then it became something that was going to have a lot of substance. So, I had a meeting with him…he explained his vision and I thought that was incredible and extremely relevant,” he added.

The reboot of the classic 1987 sci-fi action film “RoboCop” will hit Indian theatres Feb 14.

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