India’s King of Comedy – Kapil Sharma in an exclusive interview with Indus Age

India’s King of Comedy – Kapil Sharma in an exclusive interview with Indus Age

Kapil Sharma, India’s funniest man who has made a name for himself globally; is known for his exceptional comic timing and his tongue in cheek humour spreading smiles and peals of laughter, week after week is COMING to Australia. Ahead of his show this March, Rohit Sharma from Indus Age reached to the comedy King, where he gets candid about his comic timing, the love of the people, challenges in life and more.

Compiled by Nidhi Kumari

When Kapil was asked about his journey, the humorous Sharma said, “I am a 35 year old man and it will take 35 years for me to tell you about my journey. Either I will have to write a book or shoot a film to tell you about my journey. (smiles..)..But when I will come to Australia, we will talk a lot about it.”

Talking about being noticed in the industry, the comedy master said, “I started in 1997. The only difference is that- there were only 250 people who noticed me but by God’s grace, the number of people noticing Kapil Sharma has increased now. Millions of people watch our show, the people who love us so much and the Indian population spread across the globe is responsible for what we are today.”

 On his his career path, has Mr Sharma faced any kind of hiccups or negativity? “If there are no obstacles on your path, it shows that you are going wrong. I did face challenges and I have said this many a times that I became the winner of a show I was rejected in initially. I was rejected in the first audition. But I knew that I had worked really hard for it. I was confident and I kept trying inspite of getting rejected and eventually I went on to become the winner of the show. So, its all about trying and never giving up.

His reaction on his comic timing pleasing one and all?  “My mother is witty and so was my Dad. And you also see the reflection of my life in my work. May be because I have seen my parents lovingly fight like a husband and wife and that is what we enact on the stage. Its observation and we artists think and work from heart..

Mr. Sharma’s singing talent which we see him exhibit from time to time– “ I wanted to become a singer but when I stepped out to the real world I realised that there were so many talented singers already. I realised that I am a good singer but not better. However, I fulfil that desire of mine on my show as am the host and producer (smiles..) and its only because of the love and blessings of people that I am able to do it.”

On his film named ‘Firangi’ and the transition from TV to films:

“Firangi is my own production and the shooting for it is still on and its too early to talk about it. Talking about the transition from TV to films –you try and learn new things. This is life and you cannot judge it. Like I wanted to become a singer but am a comedian so, your plan is nothing in front of God, its all for good.”


About his humility and down to earth nature and connectivity with people…We talk like the common man. I have come from among them. And I never talk about something people have never heard of, we say things everyone knows and relate to.

You will be performing in Australia what special are we going to see in your show? “We are coming with the entire family and all of us are fun loving, sab masti mazaak krne wale hain. I don’t know what all we will do as its going to be a LIVE show unlike TV where we have limitations. Also, Australia is a beautiful country and people who spend their hard earned money to see us, it makes me emotional. I feel then it becomes our responsibility towards them.

We will have masti and mazaak and it will be fun. My whole team will be there in Australia.

Watch out for India’s funniest man on 11th March in Sydney and 12th March in Melbourne.


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