Indian on trial in UAE for attempted suicide

Indian on trial in UAE for attempted suicide

killA 25-year-old Indian woman in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) tried to commit suicide by consuming Dettol last month, a court heard.

The woman, a dancer identified by the initials of her name RP, however, was not present in the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours Monday to answer the charges that she tried to commit suicide Dec 20, The National reported Tuesday.

Prosecutors said that RP was taken to Rashid Hospital in the city where she was treated with a gastric lavage procedure.

The hospital stuff called the police once she was in a stable condition.

The defendant, during subsequent interrogation, said that she had an argument on the phone with her family who stay in India and felt desperate afterwards.

“But I decided not to end my life but only take a little bit of the detergent in order to have my family sympathise with me,” she told prosecutors.

She, however, has not mentioned the cause of the altercation with her family.

After drinking Dettol, she said she started feeling a severe abdominal pain and repeatedly vomited.

A colleague then took her to hospital.

The next hearing of the case is scheduled for Feb 6.

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