Indian High Priest Brahamrishi Swami Guruvanand Ji visited Australia

Indian High Priest Brahamrishi Swami Guruvanand Ji visited Australia

26A highly revered international Indian spiritual leader was in Sydney, Australia to pray for peace and his religious discourses on the topic ‘Journey of your Soul’.

Vishvasant Brahmrishi Sri Guruvanand Swami Ji has visited Australia for the first time on the invitation of Rajeev Sharma CA, Managing Director at Sydney Accounting Professionals, Chartered Accountants and his wife Ritu Sharma, an Environmental Engineer by profession.

Swami Ji has travelled over 175 countries to deliver the message of awareness, self realization, humanity and peace.

Swami Guruvanand Ji commonly referred to as Gurudev among his people, had three discourses in Sydney-

First was at the residence of Rajeev Sharma at Strathfield where some prominent persons of Sydney were invited so that they can closely interact and experience Gurudev and spread his message in the society.
Second was a public appearance at Ram Krishan Temple located at Austral (Close of Liverpool). The Temple was over crowded with all 550-600 seats being occupied and approximately over 150 people sitting on the floor listening very carefully to Gurudev. Discourse continued till 10 pm on Friday night and everyone was so much engrossed that they even forgot to have dinner. A huge crowd turned up even though it was a working day.

Third was again a public appearance at Sri Venkateshwara Temple at Helensburg where approximately 400 chairs were occupied. Hon. Sharon Bird, Federal Member for Cunningham attended the discourse and also read the message of Opposition Leader Hon. Bill Shorten who said in his message, “On behalf of the Federal Labor Party I send my best wishes to the Vishwa Dharma Chetna Manch and all those attending the inaugural session of Journey of Your Soul at the Sri Venkateswara Temple.

This is an occasion to gather as one, reflect on the qualities that bind us together and recommit to working to foster social cohesion and community harmony.
The Labor Party values the extraordinary contribution that a diversity of cultures and faiths make to Australia and we also recognize the important role that interfaith dialogue plays in building bridges and fostering respect and tolerance.

I strongly believe our rich multiculturalism has transformed Australia into a vibrant and prosperous nation and we have communities such as yours to thank for this transformation”.
It was a unique sight in Sydney that on the very first visit of any Indian Priest such huge crowd had gathered, the simple reason thereof is that Gurudev is a highly qualified person that is, M. Tech from IIT – Kharagpur (equivalent to MIT and Harvard in USA) and is the only one Indian in addition to Swami Vivekanand ji) who won several times gold medal at World Religious Conference and on top of it two months of massive information spread-out campaign made by Rajeev Sharma and his wife Ritu Sharma made a big difference, also towards the end of Campaign Rajeev Sharma appeared on Eastside Radio – Monica Geet Mala on Sunday the 12th of July, 2015.

“We are honoured to host a spiritual Leader of Swami Guruvanand’s calibre, Gurudev is a highly evolved spiritual master imbued with tremendous power and is a unique and divine gift to humanity in this modern age of spiritual turmoil and tussle” Rajeev Sharma and Ritu Sharma jointly said.

Swami Guruvanand ji, who is Masters in Sanskrit, Vedas, and Jyotish and also PhD in Astrology was awarded the “Jyotish Murmagaya Award” by the German Astrological Society, he uses his enormous divine energy to help those in distress and uplift the lives of millions of people around the globe, he is said to have a unique capacity to impart deep spiritual messages in the language of common masses.

The Sharma family who hosted Swami Guruvanand ji said “Gurudev carried out spiritual healings and consultations at the events”.

Gurudev is based close to Triupati at The Brahmrishi Ashram which is endowed with beauty, tranquility and peace. Mountains lush with trees and rare vegetation surround this beautiful, sacred hermitage. Gurudev’s long, rigorous Sadhana nurtures this holy land with spiritual energy. The influence of the positive vibrations at this Ashram is so strong that devotees forget their worries and cherish spiritual bliss. The sweet musical sounds of bells, chanting and prayers always keep the ambience of the divine Brahmrishi Ashram chaste and pure.

Temples for the Gods/Goddesses of all religions are situated in the Ashram making Gurudev’s dream of creating “A World Religion Family” a reality. Currently, the Ashram houses the Lord Shiva Temple, Mata Utsav Hall, many guest houses, a fully furnished kitchen and several cow sheds named after Jain Tirthankara and other great spiritual personalities.

The construction of a Lord Laxmi Narayan temple is at its completion and the construction of one of a kind Meditation Centre and the Brahmeshwar Shiv Golden temple is about to start. Future plans include the construction of many additional temples, a heart hospital, a medical college, an engineering college, a yoga center, a naturopathy center, a religious library and a museum.

For the devotees, Sri Brahmrishi Ashram is the sacred place where the beloved Gurudev and His Spiritual Power reside that permeate the mind and soul of devotees. Everyone is cordially invited to the Ashram for the divine joy of having both Guru Darshan (Sight of Guru) and Dev Darshan (Sight of the Lord).

Sri Brahmrishi Ashram,
R.C.Road, C Ramapuram,
Ramchandrampuram Mandalam,
Tirupati – 517561, India.
Tel: +91 877 2247056, Tele fax: +91 877 2247059

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