Indian Community Unites for the Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Indian Community Unites for the Pink Ribbon Breakfast

good-group hemu-5Sydney women and men joined hands together to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation on 13th November at Parravilla Function Centre. Pink Ribbon Breakfast is an event organized nationally in October. The objective is to increase breast cancer awareness in the community as well as to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia. The event was organized by two women leaders of Sydney’s Indian community Rekha Rajvanshi and Sue Advani. Women from three to eighty supported this fundraiser, including handful of men, who wore pink shirts for the day. Honourable guests were Parramatta MP Hon. Geoff Lee, MP Strathfield Hon. Jodi McKay, MP Granville Hon. Julia Finn and Hornsby Shire Councillor Gurdeep Singh were also present to support this fundraiser.

According to NBCF 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with this deadly disease breast cancer in their life time and eight women die every day from breast cancer in Australia. Rekha Rajvanshi, Sydney based writer and poet is a breast cancer survivor who took the initiative in 2010. The purpose was to raise breast cancer awareness amongst Sydney’s Indian community. In 2012 Sue Advani (also a cancer survivor) joined the team and since then the funds are raised by organizing Pink Ribbon Breakfast in October-November. Kamal Athwal, owner of Parravilla Function Centre offers the venue and the team is getting bigger and stronger as more women are joining us to support the cause.

Rekha Rajvanshi and Girija Subramaniam shared their experiences of cancer survival. Dr. Chandrika Deshpande talked about her breast cancer research project with NBCF and important findings. Meenakshi Chopra from Pink Saree Project spoke about the importance of mammogram and early detection, another Ph.D. scholar Dr Usha Salagame spoke about her research findings and said that healthy life style and exercise is very important.  Sue Advani advised women to be selfish and put their own health on high priority. She said, “Don’t neglect early symptoms as early detection is very important for swift recovery. If we are well, we are able to look after our family better. Cancer affects the whole family not just the individual.”

Rekha commented, “We need more men to join us in such events so that they understand the sensitivity of this issue. Community should stand by each other and stay positive. Strong will power and positivity is the key to success.”

The team thanked all the supporters and everyone enjoyed Parravilla’s sumptuous brunch and hospitality.

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