India-Mongolia joint drill focuses on anti-terror operations

India-Mongolia joint drill focuses on anti-terror operations

77New Delhi, Jan 23 (IANS) The 10th India-Mongolia Joint Training Exercise commenced in Gwalior Friday, focusing on counter-insurgency and anti-terror operations.

The Mongolian contingent from the 84 Airborne Special Forces Battalion comprising of one Infantry Platoon alongside an Indian Infantry Platoon is participating in the exercise.

“The 15-day exercise is planned to train troops of both nations on crossing of obstacles, special heliborne operations, water patrolling, firing a variety of weapons, handling and neutralisation of improvised explosive devices and conduct of cordon and search operations in a counter insurgency and terrorism environment,” a statement from the Army said.

“The exercise will considerably enhance the interoperability between Indian Army and Mongolian Army in conduct of joint operations against international terrorism while serving in peacekeeping missions under the United Nations mandate,” the statement said.


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