Imran Khan makes his Bollywood debut with ‘Tevar’

Imran Khan makes his Bollywood debut with ‘Tevar’

Nikita Sharma, New Delhi

With the recent inclination of adding the tadka of rap in Bollywood music albums, Sanjay Kapoor too plans to make the music of his upcoming production ‘Tevar’ a little peppy by roping in the Pakistani singer Imran Khan.

tevar-sinha-debueImran Khan has given some of the top chartbusters like ‘Amplifier’ and ‘Bewafa’ which also has an element of Punjabi lyrics. Though he has been bombarded with many film offers in the past, Sanjay Kapoor will be the first producer Imran will be collaborating with. Sanjay decided to rope in Imran because he believes that the singer has a larger fan base majorly consisting of the youth and hence, he can connect to the audience well.

Talking about his experience, Imran Khan talked to Nikita Sharma from Indus Age via an exclusive telephonic conversation.Excerpts from the conversation….
1) Your previous songs Amplifier (2009) and Bewafaa (2009) came long time back. Why did you wait for so many years to make a Bollywood debut?

A) Because there were many other Directors who wanted songs like Bewafaa and Amplifier. I gave it to them. The songs were doing well by themselves. Boney Kapoor made this happen. We had a meeting in Dubai first, and then we came to Hollandand recorded the song in one week. They really liked it and with lot of respect, they appreciated what I did. It’s all good and I have also been speaking with other Directors after this.

2) You also made SonakshiSinha sing in some parts of the song. How different was it for you to record with a non-professional singer?

A) It was very easy. Sonakshi is a very fast learner and we had a few stereosessions where she had to sing what I was singing and she did well.

3) The song ‘Let’s celebrate’ is very refreshing and is hitting the chartbusters like ‘Amplifier’ and ‘Bewafaa’. All of them are very enthusiastic and youth oriented. Why is it that your songs are youth specific?

A) Unique. First of all, what’s new is new for me too. It was a new experience. I asked Boney Kapoor as well that what do you want, ‘Imran Khan in Bollywood’ or ‘Bollywood in Imran’. He said, ‘I want,‘Bollywood in Imran’. I couldn’t do my own stuff. I had to do what they wanted. They wanted a song from me and I just can’t give them a song from my library. We made the song like it was new for me too.

4) These days in Bollywood there are a lot of pop stars who are making entry and there is a whole new dimension to music in Bollywood. Do you think, it’s going to be very healthy for the industry?

A) Ofcourse, because music what is made is very decent and can listen the song in any occasion. I can’t make songs for just one person because I have a wideraudience now and I have to think about them too.

5) Are you looking forward to work in Bollywood?
A) Ofcourse, why not.

6) We have a lot of Indian fans in Australia who aspire to make music like you. Would you like to say anything to them?

A) It’s nice to hear that people want to do something that I do. Keep yourself unique and do things what others don’t do and don’t be the second best, be the best.

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