19Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian and Minister for Disability Services John Ajaka today announced a package of improvements to be rolled out for customers with disability, including accessible real-time public transport apps, and a new electronic payment system for taxis.

Ms Berejiklian said the NSW Government carried out a review of wheelchair accessible taxis and subsidies last year and found that most customers were satisfied with their service.

“The review included a number of recommendations for the government and the taxi industry to make services safer, easier and more comfortable for customers with disability,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“Based on feedback from customers, we’ve started talking to businesses to develop a new electronic payment system for customers using the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme, replacing the out-dated paper dockets used by customers today.

“This is a win for common sense and customer convenience and will help the NSW Government reduce the potential for errors and misuse within the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme.

“Transport for NSW will work closely with taxi customers, drivers and the taxi industry as the electronic payment project progresses.

“Disability training for taxi drivers will be improved, more wheelchair taxis will be encouraged and we will look at ways to make services more affordable, including investigating whether the taxi transport subsidy could be increased.”

Mr Ajaka said as well as improvements for taxi customers, new real-time public transport apps would be available this year for customers with disability.

“Four app developers have been selected to share in $85,000 of seed funding, mentoring and access to real-time transport data to help them create new apps that will support customers with a disability to navigate public transport,” Mr Ajaka said.

“The four winners were selected from a pool of 37 national and international teams who competed in an event last year to come up with innovative options to improve the public transport experience for customers with disability.

“Five apps are available now for train, bus, ferry and light rail customers to help them plan their journey and track their service in real time. It’s great news that these popular apps are being improved and expanded for customers with disability.”

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