ICELAND Participates in “Locations 2015”

ICELAND Participates in “Locations 2015”

unnamed (1) unnamed (6) unnamed (5) unnamed (4) unnamed (3) unnamed (2)15th September 2015, Mumbai: Bollywood films for years have always showcased unique and unknown locations from all over the world to the global audience. Iceland has been slowly catching our film maker’s imagination in the recent times. Rohit Shetty’s “ Dilwale” becomes the only Bollywood film to be shot in the picturesque Iceland till date. Seeing this huge opportunity, The Embassy of Iceland is all set to open their doors for one of the largest film making nation in the world.


The Ambassador of Iceland Mr. Thórir Ibsen invite the Indian Film & Television industry for a spectacular presentation on “Filming in Iceland” on Friday 18th September 2015 during the “Locations 2015” – Exhibition cum Conference event in Orchid Hotel, Mumbai


Iceland will offer Indian film makers a variety of unique filming locations unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s stark landscape and amazing range of geological and natural phenomena with imposing glaciers, geysers, black sand beach makes for arresting visuals. Iceland also offers picturesque floating icebergs, majestic waterfalls, stark highlands & lava fields. Its yellow sulphur mountains, active and dormant volcanoes have been a treat for film makers from all over the world. Iceland’s vast spectrum of beauty is now within easy reach for Indian Film &  TV Producers.


Film producers can also apply for reimbursements from the State Treasury of 20% of the costs incurred in the production of films and television programmes in Iceland. The reimbursement scheme is simple, transparent and effective. And since Iceland is a member of the EU single market, films and television programs made in Iceland are classified as European material when released in Europe.


Iceland will also provide the Indian film makers with a single window solution with a range of varied services. Trained local crews with proven experience in shooting quality films in tough climatic conditions will be provided. The country will also provide our film makers with the full range of professional services including assistance with locations, crew, equipment, casting, studios and required permits to shoot. These crew has in the past worked with well know Hollywood film makers


Some prominent films shot in Iceland in the past are The Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Batman Begins, Thor, James Bond Films, Lara Croft : Tomb Raider, Nayak, Brindavana, Aadhavan etc. The spectacular locations, professional services and government incentive makes it indeed one of the best places to shoot a film in the world. The Embassy of Iceland is participating at the “Location 2015” in Mumbai on 1819 September 2015.





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