“I want to balance diverse perspectives,” Dinesh Gourisetty

“I want to balance diverse perspectives,” Dinesh Gourisetty

photo“I believe, it is my job as an Indian migrant to represent the community in the broader society and ensure that visibility is created for the commitment and dedication of every individual from the community towards building a better society and a better country,” says Mr. Dinesh Gourisetty, the President for Williams Landing and Point Cook Development Committee.

Mr. Gourisetty is an active community member who has been the past president for Indian Society of Australia. And it was during his tenure in office, that the then premier Ted Baillieu was introduced to the Indian film industry leading to renewing the government’s commitment to supporting the Indian film industry.

Mr. Dinesh Gourisetty now a successful businessman in Melbourne, having finished his Masters in Business Administration from Pune University – India, first set foot in Melbourne as a student in 2001 to study for his post graduation in Information Management. Since then, his hardworking, friendly and helpful nature has made him a very popular person within the Indian community. Over the past few years he has successfully conducted multiple community oriented programs to create visibility of the Indian community within the society

In 2009 he had organised Ganesh Festival in Footscray which was recognised as Best in West by the Asian Community and again in 2011 he organised the Ganesh festival in Williams Landing. And he’s also a proud supporter of Wyndham Holi which is organised by VCA.

Being the youngest President to serve Telugu Association of Australia (TAAI) in 2014-15 Dinesh is not only involved in culture binding ways but also involved in energetic sports related activities, the Multi cultural cricket tournament in 2004 and 2005, stand as a testimony to his ambition of bringing communities together.

When asked what his philosophy on life is, he said, “My philosophy in life is that a person must have integrity. Always be honest and lead by example. I like to be empathetic. Try to put yourself in the shoes of other people and understand the impact your decisions will have on them.”
He further added, “I want to be consistent and fair. I believe dependability and reliability are important traits of leaders, as is a sense of justice.
In order to be successful I should be able to understand and balance diverse perspectives. We are all shaped by our environments, and this affects the way we look at the world. Value and utilize the different perspectives to make better decisions.
I believe strong work ethic is necessary and one should be prepared to go above and beyond what is required.I like to be a life-long learner. When we stop learning, we stop growing.  One must be a good student in order to be a good teacher. I believe one should have a sense of service.  Look for ways to give back to the organization and community.”

When asked about the changes he would want to see in Wyndham, he said with strong words, “ I want to place the western suburbs amongst the best in Victoria.  There are numerous issues that need to be addressed ranging from employment, education to better transport facility and safety of the people. I believe in action and not words. So, my actions and work towards the society should speak for me.”

Mr. Dinesh Gourisetty is currently the President for Williams Landing and Point Cook Development Committee, Director for Wyndham Rotary International Division and Vice Chairman for Liberal Party Lalor FEC. His effort towards the community is worth praising!

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