Indus Age Interviews the Director of ‘Bewakoofiyaan’

Indus Age Interviews the Director of ‘Bewakoofiyaan’


“I remember in my early days I would do small projects to pay my rents” Nupur Asthana

Recently, Isha Sahni from the Indus Age took an exclusive interview of Nupur Asthana, the director of the upcoming movie ‘Bewakoofiyaan’. She started her career directing the Indian serial ‘Hip Hip Hurray’ and made her debut on the big screen with the film, ‘Mujhse frandship Karoge?’. The interview courtesy Mind Blowing Films

What struck your cords to make the movie Bewakoofiyaan?
I read script; this was my world I could relate to it. Like the character Miara is a lot like my sister, she is independent yet she likes to spend time with family, like to be with her boyfriend and all these things are important to her. Certain things that struck a chord, the whole consumer lifestyle she lives in. Even my sister is like that, I felt so connected to that I felt I could nail it. The emotions were so real, the kind of a lifestyle that it really connected with me.

The movie Bewakoofiyan is a rom-com, so was your last movie. Is the audience going to see more of Nupur Asthana?
No, I never thought I could do romantic comedy. My first TV show ‘Hip Hip Hurray’ was about teenagers and school, later I did a thriller called ‘Time Bomb’ and later I did ‘Maahi Ve’. It happened by chance, I did not decide I would do this and deifintely the audience should expect some thriller and action coming from me as a director.

How has the journey been from being the director of TV serials to now directing movies?
It has been really tough but I have learned a lot. I have come from a time when there were no women on set. When I was an assistant director, there would be a heroine, a hair dresser and me, we were the only women on set. So, from there to directing a movie when people still doubted if a lady TV director could direct a movie has been really difficult. I remember in my early days I would do small projects to pay my rents, move around to producers and show my scripts and finally one fine day getting a call from the Yash Raj Films, I think it has been a long and adventurous journey.

How was it working with Sonam Kapoor and Ayushman Khurana?
It was great fun working with them. We all got along really well; we would party a lot and travel along. Talking about Sonam, one could easily discuss make up, clothes, etc. and she is really helpful on set. Sonam has been an assistant director so she knows what goes into making a film. Ayushman was always ready for a shoot. They both are very hardworking and have been quite fantastic.

This is your second movie under the YRF banner, how is it working under the YRF production house?
Fantastic! This production house believes in telling stories which are new.  Once you are working with such people and such a workplace you are bound to give your best and want to being out the best in yourself. Your creativity is appreciated and encouraged by Aditya Chopra and that is wonderful.

Any message you would like to give the audience?

We all are Bewakoof  in some way or the other, the audience should come and celebrate the bewakoofiyaan together with us and enjoy the movie.


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