“I never thought I will get married”: Bipasha Basu

“I never thought I will get married”: Bipasha Basu

She’s the hottest Indian woman with, the sexiest appeal on screen. Known for her vivacious and powerful acting skills, this lady is both bold and beautiful. She’s none other than Bipasha Basu in an exclusive interview with Rajesh Sharma of Indus Age where the actress talks about life after marriage, films, Da-Bang The Tour and more..

Compiled by Nidhi Kumari

Bipasha you are known for your bold acting skills, Smokey eyes and being one of the hottest dusky women in the industry.  You have been bold and beautiful whenever we have seen you on the silver screen. What would you like to say on that?

bipashaI cannot comment on my personality because this is the way I am. Right from the beginning I have been known as the unconventional actress. I was a model before I became an actress.  I was lanky and I would tan a lot making myself look pretty much duskier. It all started without any thought.

I was offered a film and I featured in Ajnabee. I didn’t want to be the regular girl which is why my roles have been unconventional. I would always do something which is not me and that which is exciting. I feel I should portray someone who I am not in real life, which makes it unconventional for the world but for me it’s natural.

You are one actress who challenged yourself without inhibition at a time when the industry was not open or so to say broad-minded which is why Bipasha is called bold. Your comments on that.

Yes, I do remember the time when I had done a film called ‘Jism’. I had done a few films and I was highly sort after as an actress at that point. I remember when I took up ‘Jism’ my manager came to me and told that its a dark role Bipasha and its an Indian film, perception of a woman who is manipulative and a woman who uses her sexual prowess to control men and its not going to work. But I didn’t listen to anybody then and I did the film. And I am thankful that I did that film because after that film, all the actresses were happy to be bold. So, I did well for myself and the rest of the people who followed.

Today, the film industry has changed manifold. How do you look at it?

There are beautiful gems that are being made everyday. Great time where all kinds of cinema is being made and encouraged. But the heart of the films-action, masala, dancing definitely exist in a big way. So, there is a good mix now.

There are women centric films also being made now. Your comments:

I think women centric films were made long back. Every year we have one good film which is spearheaded by one actress and it has been happening for quite some time. Like for me ‘Corporate’ would be a woman centric film. But yes, the scope is getting better.

As an artist you have to be prepared for both appreciation and criticism. How do you take it in your stride?

I am always concerned about the 50% that love me. The 50% who don’t love me don’t matter to me. (smiles)..

Bipasha, you’re a beautifully married woman. From Bipasha Basu, you have become Mrs. Bipasha Basu Singh Grover. How do you think life changes after marriage?

I am truly blessed. I never thought I will get married. But when it happened, its like magic. And I have to admit that its a wonderful companionship that I share with my husband. And I very rarely call him husband as I call him my boyfriend, this is the first time I have called him husband.

We keep it very light and normal. And anyone who sees us says that we are like a bunch of kids. We guys are like best friends. That’s the way we are where we don’t take the burden, responsibilities of a marriage institution very strongly. We love each other and that’s the kind of relationship that lasts. I am very happy being with someone where there’s no burden or tag of being married.

Your married life will turn one this April. Is there anything that you’ve planned for your better half?

We got married in a traditional way because of my mother. But we wanted it to be on a beach or something, a beach party taking vows; may be will do that for the anniversary.

Coming back to films, we don’t see enough of you in films these days. Is there any particular reason behind it?

Well, the choices that I have made since past few years, invariably I have done horror films, supernatural films which excite me but what happens is this business stereotypes you very fast, no matter how much of body work you have.

I have done, glamorous, comedy, serious that is all kinds of films and role but I was offered supernatural films in zillions which I didn’t want to do anymore. I want to put an end to it so that I can start something new and distinct. I just do not want to dance in a film but want to do more than that.

Also, the fact that I got married which kept me busy for a year. Hopefully soon when something interesting comes, will do it.

You will be coming to Australia for the Da-bang-The Tour with Salman Khan and many other artists. What are your feelings of that?

It amazing as my first world tour when I started off was with Salman. Its going to be exciting. It was in 2003 when that girl was really shy and over the years she became Bipasha Basu. I still have butterflies when I am going to perform (I won’t lie).

What special/different are we going to see in the concert?

I have been blessed with hit numbers, dance songs, love songs that I will be performing on. There will be many surprises so let’s wait and see. Each one of us will put our best foot forward.

What would you like to say to your fans eagerly waiting to see you?

Be there for the show. Its going to be fun!

Last but not the least; you are a Bollywood Diva, what is the secret behind your beauty?

Genetics. (laughs).. Have to thank my parents for that…I am a happy person and I don’t believe in burdening myself. I keep a balance in life.

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