“I enjoy composing romantic songs”, Pritam

“I enjoy composing romantic songs”, Pritam

pritamsinghThe creator of the biggest blockbuster hit songs of today Pritam Chakraborty, popularly known as Pritam, is all set to perform in Sydney. Indus Age spoke to the music director, who’s given some of the best music to this generation. The Music composer shares with us, the secret behind his super-duper hit songs, his preparation for the concert in Australia and a lot more in an exclusive interview with Indus Age.

By Nidhi Kumari

The golden era of music is gone. But with music directors like Pritam who makes people grove, dance and gives a reason to feel happy; the era is knocking back. Your comments on that:

I am happy that my songs are appreciated. I am nearly 110 films old and I have done nearly 400 songs, I feel blessed to have been loved by the audience. I have received lots of love by listeners and I am really happy about all the praises and affection that I get.

All the songs that you’ve composed, have become hugely popular and blockbusters. What is the magic behind this?

There’s no magic like that. I wish I was, Harry Potter and I could use a magic wand, I could turn lot of things into hit songs. (laughs). I think, I have been fortunate to have worked with great directors, who’ve made great films. That a good song or an album is a collaborative effort of good directors, good stories and I have been really lucky.

What are the aspects and approaches that you look at while composing a song?

I totally go by the script, whatever the script demands; I cut my composition according to that. You will find me composing a variety of songs in flavour of the script and characters. You’ll find a very Punjabish song for films like Love Aaj Kal, Jab we met, etc where the protagonist is a Punjabi speaking person whereas, if I am doing a Bengali film like Barfi based in Calcutta 1970s, the songs will depict that. So, if a film is about angst like in Tum Mile, so my songs will have angst, or if it has turmoil, like in Gangsters, the songs will be of that type, full of pain and angst. Similarly, if a character is full of life, for example in the film Cocktail, a young Punjabi girl who liked partying and fun,  the music in it was full of energy and spirit. So, it totally depends upon the script and the kind of films, I am working on.

When you ventured into this field of creativity, were there any challenges in your life when you had started your career?

I started my career from scratch. I come from a non-film background, I wasn’t based in Bombay, I had come to Bombay all over from Calcutta. When I came to Mumbai, the struggle for being in Mumbai was different. I started with small works and built up slowly. And if someone worked with me once they wanted to work again so this is how I started getting work. Everyone goes through struggle in life and so did I. But I feel that I enjoyed music so much that it never looked like a struggle to me. I have enjoyed the process, all the sleepless nights, overburdened working hours and all this never looked like a struggle.

You will be performing in Australia. Is there any special preparation that you’re doing for it?

This is the first time I am visiting Australia and I am absolutely looking forward to it. Australia will get flavours of all kinds of music that I have done starting from romantic music to songs and chants of Life In A Metro, Barfi, Jab We Met, Ye Jawani Hai Deewani, Cocktail…so that you get up from your seat and start dancing. And Sydney really love and appreciate music and I am waiting to come and perform there and rock the stage, I have many artistes who will feature with me , they’re all leading playback singers of now. They will be coming with me and we will have a blast. I am sure it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Music director, composer, singer, an instrumentalist. Which side of yours you like the most?

Composer, I think I enjoy composing music and am happy to be known as a music composer.

Are we going to see Pritam as an actor, any time in future?

No.., because I am a very bad actor I am very conscious about myself acting and for fun may be like in an advertisement, you may see me act but those are not acting, in those I have to play myself. When I am not playing myself, then acting becomes a very difficult task. I envy actors like Ranbir Kapoor, such phenomenal actors; acting is a gift to a few and I don’t have it. But I am happy with the gift and blessings of composing music that I have.

Any particular song that’s very close to your heart and you want to share with us?

Every song I compose is my favourite, I like romantic songs, as I enjoy the process. There are too many to remember or say any one. To name a few, Alvida, O Meri Jaan From Life In A Metro , Kabira From Ye Jawani Hai Deewani , Mai Kya Karoon, Ashiana from Barfi, Ye Dooriyan from Love Aj  Kal, there are too many to kind of point out one.

Message for your fans in Australia:

Keep enjoying life and keep enjoying my music..Sydney do come to hear my music on the 12th of March, Whitlam Centre, Liverpool New South Wales, I am looking forward to see you all!


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