“I created my daughter and she inspired me to create this…” #Mommycreates

“I created my daughter and she inspired me to create this…” #Mommycreates

These are some strong lines coming from Mrs. Krinzal Chauhan who creates a whole world around her daughter, Shanaya using simple household objects and captures it all with her camera, arresting cherishable moments for life.

This young woman has transformed her passion for art into a venture with ‘Mommycreates’, a Facebook page which is garnering appreciation and has also recently been featured on BBC . With a supportive husband by her side and an angel daughter Mrs Chauhan is making heads turn with her creative artistry and photography. Read on to know more:
By Nidhi Kumari

Krinzal, we know that you are an artist who is painting a world around your daughter and capturing it in such a way that we are left completely in awe. Before we dig deeper into your work, tell us more about yourself and your daughter:

I was working as a teacher in TGES Rajkot, India. Currently I am in Melbourne working at the Camberwell Junction Early Learning Center.  I love being around children and assume they too like me mostly.  My love for art and children brings me to what I have been doing.

I have a beautiful daughter and her name is Shanaya. She is a year and 4 months now. I started clicking these pics of her which I also call Shanaya’s Storytelling since she was 2 months.

When did the idea of forming ‘Mommycreates’ strike you?

I am an artist by hobby. I love to ensure things around me look good. I have created few painting and designed walls in my home too. I love to paint, colour, scribble, sketch – basically ‘create’ as it helps me to unwind.

When I had my baby initially I would neither work nor be able to chase my hobby, It was a different experience though I did cherish being with my baby. It was then that my husband suggested to blend the pleasure of being with my baby and my creativity which resulted in such wonderful memories. In fact the moment she was born we got a good camera but never knew the journey would get us this far.

After first few clicks I got the suggestion to create a Facebook  page from one of my mentors at work. My husband, Himanshu suggested the name Mommycreates. 

The tagline on my FB page- Mommycreates says: “ I created my daughter and she inspired me to create this…”

What all preparation goes into creating such captivating moments?

I created the frame first in my mind as it would be expected. I’d use common household stuff, blankets, clothes, toys etc ensuring the colours goes with the component they are representing in the frame. This is done in a separate room while Shanaya is still sleeping. Once the set is ready, I’d then place her so as to participate in the frame. I’d then stand on a chair to take her picture from above so that the entire frame is captured perfectly.

While this sounds quite easy in written, it took a lot of imagination, combinations and patience considering that the main subject was not even a year old in the pictures.

There have been times when I would prepare the whole ‘set’ with all my mind, patience and energy only to find her not ‘ready’ or still worse jittery enough to demolish the entire setup. I think forbearance is the best merit when dealing with babies in anything for that matter.

Initially when she used to sleep a lot I would get the ‘set’ ready and once she would sleep I would then gently place her so as to ‘pose’ and wait for the best click.

But as time went by, I think she started recognizing that her Mommy dear standing up there tall on the chair/stool with the camera was pursuing something good. It was then that she would instantly start recognizing the lens and even pose, respond and smile.

I’d let my imagination and creativity drive what I wanted to click. There are photos I’ve clicked based on the occasion such as festivals like Holi,  Navratri or even a surprise on  Shanaya’s Dad’s birthday.  There’s even movement based photos such as the clean India photo etc. or story based like the red riding hood one. Few pictures required accessories like the mermaid, the lady bug etc. There have also been times when I’ve recreated a picture altogether through Mommycreates

Family Time:

Many a times, it was a family effort when the photos were being clicked. Like my husband, Himanshu would suggest and motivate me to change a certain part of the frame for better. Or even he would keep Shanaya engaged while the set is being made or the photo being clicked.
It gave us an amazing family time when all 3 of us would be aiming towards creating some beautiful memoirs.

We also look forward to give Shanaya some beautiful memories as she grows up.:)

Anything else that you want to add:

To be honest my idea was to fulfill my creative potential and lots of memories for my baby. I am happy that I am able to make it appear beautiful through the lens and that it has become a sort of identity for me and my baby.

I just want them to feel these are cute photographs created by a loving mom out

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