I am not a VIP: Robert Vadra

I am not a VIP: Robert Vadra

b54efc42a63ef39a0377c949b440db32Stressing on the point that he was not a “VVIP or VIP”, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra on Saturday said he wanted his name to be removed from the “no-frisking” list at the country’s airports.

Vadra also expressed doubts about “double standards” of the government as on the one hand it says his name must be removed from the list and on the other it does not remove it from there.

“…apparently the analysis disclosed by the government on my threat perception, allegedly says I am not required to be on this list, so why double standards in removing and further including my name, in the VVIP list,” he said in a statement.

He added that it could also be part of a “conspiracy” to malign his image.

He said he must be treated as a common man at entry and exit points of airports across the country.

“Maybe I need to personally go to every airport and delete my name, will that work? Or is it a part of a larger conspiracy to malign my image… I am humble and as normal as any citizen, so please treat me like one, otherwise write every Indian citizens name on the VVIP, list and please stop wasting people’s time.”

Vadra said he was not interested in the special privilege. “I am clear, but wish the authorities concerned would understand that I am not a VVIP or a VIP,” he said in the statement posted on his Facebook page.

“I have voiced and given my consent to remove my name from this list, many times,” he added.

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