Humanitarian Appeal for Tamil Nadu Flood relief by CIA and TACA

Humanitarian Appeal for Tamil Nadu Flood relief by CIA and TACA

cia-logoA great tragedy is unfolded in Chennai, its surroundings and entire Tamil Nadu in India due to the unexpected torrential rains and heavy downpour. The news is full of misery of people who face the wrath of Mother Nature in her bad moods. The situation is very bad with number of people already lost their lives and some of them lost everything!

It is high time from our side to raise to the occasion and help to those suffering in this unexpected and unprecedented fury of Nature. We always did.. we always did it generously. We now can do the help to all those needy ones! The Council of Indian Australians (CIA) and Tamil Arts and Culture Association (TACA) joined forces here to raise funds and transfer to the Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers’ Relief Fund to salvage best efforts to the suffering ones.

Let it be a dollar or hundreds of dollars. Friends…trying to help is the best thing as humans we do. Let us continue to do. Let us donate generously into the following benevolent account:

Account Name: Council of Indian Australians Inc.

BSB Number – 032 289

Account Number – 497279

Bank Name: Westpac Bank Charity

Fundraising Number: CFN/2241

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