‘How can Pakistan produce so many suicide bombers?’

‘How can Pakistan produce so many suicide bombers?’

_77592665_022704551-1Islamabad, March 16 A day after 15 people were killed in a terror attack on two churches in Lahore, a Pakistani newspaper on Monday demanded to know how the country produced so many suicide bombers.

“Why has the production of suicide bombers reached the level where they can be dispatched seemingly to any part of the country on any given day by any one of several militant groups?” the Dawn asked in an editorial.

“Given the young age of many of the bombers used in recent attacks, they have clearly not been indoctrinated in the distant past,” it said.

“So, how, why and where is this almost industrial-scale indoctrination programme continuing without the state being able to find and dismantle it?”

At least 15 people were killed and over 70 injured when two powerful explosions rocked two churches in a Christian-dominated section of Lahore during Sunday prayers.

The Dawn said the attacks “could have been just another gruesome incident in the long list of horrors that has been inflicted on this country in recent years”.

It said the violent reaction of a section of the Christians after the bombings, leading to two deaths, “suggests the state’s halting response to the terrorism threat is leading to dangerous ruptures in society”.

The daily added: “When non-Muslim and sectarian communities take to the streets in protest and turn to mob violence, it surely reflects the acute stress and intolerable strain that they are under.”

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