Hon Tony Simpson MLA — New disability parking laws for WA

Hon Tony Simpson MLA — New disability parking laws for WA

0Fines for illegally parking in disabled bays will more than double from tomorrow under new local government regulations.

Local Government Minister Tony Simpson said court-imposed penalties would increase from $1,000 to $2,000. On-the-spot fines have increased from $120-$140 to $300.

“Motorists need to be aware that parking in a bay reserved for a disabled permit holder – even if it’s for just a couple of minutes – is an offence,” Mr Simpson said.

“The increase in fines will be a deterrent to those who think that illegal parking is not a serious matter.

“These new regulations are part of a nationwide initiative to standardise disabled parking and this will support Western Australian local governments to achieve better outcomes for people with disability.”

The changes include recognition for the new disability parking permit and improved identification for bays.

The Local Government (Parking for People with Disabilities) Regulations 2014 are supported by local governments, the WA Local Government Association, Local Government Managers Australia (WA), National Disability Services and the Department of Transport.

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