Hon Bill Shorten Addresses Australia India Business Council

Hon Bill Shorten Addresses Australia India  Business Council

8At the Australia India Business Council, ACT Chapter Hon Bill Shorten the

Federal Leader of Opposition was the chief guest and spoke on “Boosting

Economic Value”.

Hon Shorten was accompanied by a number of his colleagues who are ‘India

focused’ – Hon Michelle Rowland, Senator Lisa Singh and Gai Brodtmann

who’s been a driving force of this event along with the council.

Deepak Raj Gupta who is the President of the ACT Chapter welcomed the

guests. His Excellency the Indian High Commissioner Navdeep Suri was also

present. He sat at the scene presenting the data statistics and data in relation to

the India’s economic development over the last year. He also outlined the

progress of the Free trade agreement with Australia and also announced that the

Uranium deal was not far away.

Hon Bill shorten noted that the Labor Party did not view the relationship as

being a transactional relationship of mere convenience. “Our friendship is

genuine and deep, driven neither by fear nor greed, but a product of common

values and mutual passions”.

He noted that the message “I frequently hear as I travel around Australia – from

the Indian Business Community here in Australia and from Australians looking

to do business in India – is beware of a disconnect between the rhetoric and the

reality.So our work – as public leaders, in business and in politics, is to bridge

this divide.To make sure there is a place for individuals in the big picture.That’s

why the AIBC is so important.”

“Finding the complementarity between what India needs for its marvellous

growth, and what Australia can supply: in investment, in skills, in training, in

services and energy.” Labor Party especially under the Hon Bill Shorten has

placed emphasis on the renewable energy. Hon Bill Shorten talked up the

potential between India and Australia on this front.

“Researchers from the Indian Institute of Science are working on concentrated

solar solutions using shallow parabolic troughs, made of specifically coated

aluminium to heat water pipes to drive power turbines.

This is the future that I dream of for Australia and India to share in. A future of

collaborative research, shared breakthroughs and complementary benefits.

Leading in innovation, information technology, science and advanced

manufacturing – creating the jobs of the future, the jobs with a future.

At every level of government.In every field of education, research and

development.In every industry and market.In construction and all businesses,

big and small.This is the future that I want you help build.

An economic relationship between India and Australia that is every bit as rich,

diverse and enduring as the great friendship we share”, he said.

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