Hon Bill Marmion BE MBA MLA — Mid-West gas find a boost for jobs and clean energy

Hon Bill Marmion BE MBA MLA — Mid-West gas find a boost for jobs and clean energy

14A major Mid-West gas discovery has highlighted the importance of the Liberal National Government’s support for onshore gas development.

Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Marmion said AWE Limited’s Senecio-3 find was a potential game-changer and very exciting for the local gas industry, promising to revitalise what had been a declining gas field.

“Make no mistake, discoveries like this are about securing the State’s future – your future, my future and our children’s future – providing our communities with accessible, safe, affordable and clean energy,” Mr Marmion said.

“The bottom line is securing jobs and energy security for West Australians, with the company potentially set for a significant investment boost in the Mid-West.”

As geologists expected, the well registered gas at the target depth of 2,600 metres but the decision to continue drilling proved a big bonus.

Preliminary results show AWE Limited’s Senecio-3 appraisal well, located on private property 14 kilometres west of Dongara, could yield up to 140 billion cubic feet of gas.

“Dongara has a long and successful onshore gas history and I am confident the company will maintain its close working relationship with the community, minimising development impact by using current pipelines and production facilities,” the Minister said.

Extensive testing will be conducted over the next few weeks to establish the exact size of the resource, which is centred on private farmland that already contains gas wells.

“The State Government is committed to avoiding the debacle faced by New South Wales, which has a looming domestic gas crisis,” Mr Marmion said.

“While onshore gas is vital, we are equally committed to protecting our precious water supplies and environment, through some of the toughest regulations in the world.”

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