Cout “Hello World!”

Cout “Hello World!”

By Chirag Bhatia

So anyone reading this  would easily understand this is my first blog ….that’s why its “Hello world”. A typical IT exemplar or I should say anyone who has studied C or C++ and has been entangled in those “for “and “do while” loops would understand my title since this is the first program which is taught in every programming language .


Anyways why I am writing this ?? Honestly I myself  don’t know why I want to write and blog in the first place  . It is may be an attempt to gain popularity among my peers because I heard somewhere “behave like the herd to gain acceptance,because you are living a life among the gorillas” .This very idea of writing came through when I was watching Gangs of Wasseypur and heard the protagonist say “Saale sabke dimaag me apni apni picture chal rahi hai, sab saale hero banna chah rahein apni picture me” and I too am no exception trying to follow the pattern.


Hello world


I must admit I am not a very ardent fan of reading or writing and pretty oblivious of the tone and style of writing so please don’t mind the brevity ,typos , dilli -chap and bollywood writing which is coming  your way

Coming  to the point and my first random narration.  I missed my evening 5:30 cab and was heading home by metro from office. I boarded the metro from MG Road Gurgaon  and no prizes for  guessing and it was full to the brink but somehow I managed a seat but as luck would have it’s way; exactly 2 eye blinks and 1.3 seconds later a healthy punjabi aunty in dark red suit was standing in front of me with anger in her eyes shouted ” Sharam kar putar….ladies standing hain yahan and you sitting” ,so the event of me standing up instantly  and taking the farthermost corner was no surprise for the audience.

As I continued with my not so great metro journey;  I began to observe people nearby ,there were a couple  of  ladies who were bitching about their  respective mother in law’s in full voice , a young boy with a “HC Verma” in his hand extremely disappointed and almost in tears explaining to his fellow friend  that how his IIT exam  was a disaster. One middle aged guy furious over the fall of nifty and how he had lost almost 1.5 lakhs in the transaction ,while there were a bunch of people  who were agitated about the recent 3-1 Indian test defeat over England  .There were some who were feeling cheated and offended  over the regular petrol hikes and the ongoing scams in the country  and they were some who were fuming against their bosses displeasing and demeaning behavior. However , many  things were  common between all of us including me  . We were  either displeased, agonized, irate ,infuriated and most importantly sulking for one thing or the other.

While in the midst of these things and people there i saw a cute little girl i guess not more than 4 or 5 years old in a yellow dress and matching yellow shoes jumping around her seat .She would constantly run to the nearby pole swing in full motion around it  and return back to the same position  ,danced away to other pole now and resumed the same activity.Her mother constantly pulled her back to make her sit but she was least interested in that  single seat for which we people were literally ready to tear clothes apart few minutes back .She was at her utmost pleasure in her swinging and leaning activity without being bothered by the on lookers

Then after few minutes I saw her taking the Jefferey Archer from her mothers hand ,looked at the back cover then the front and again the back .She did  this a few times and started giggling without any reason just by looking  at the picture on the book.I am pretty sure a 5 year old kid would not able to understand any bit of book but she found a reason to smile in those back and front covers ,then probably her station came her mother picked her up in the lap and de-boarded when she suddenly looked at few people from the anonymous crowd and started waving her hands of a good bye to us the with that cute looking smile. I too started smiling inside and realized that little girl  was extremely happy and at mental peace just by being alone daydreaming, swinging  around that pole and any solo activity .

The cenral point being sometimes it is important to be unaware of things and smile without a reason ,bring out that child in you .It is easier said than done to smile without a reason.I realized one more thing in the process that i was so intrigued  by her cuteness I had missed Rajiv Chowk where  I had to de- board and now the next  announcement was “Agla station Kashmiri Gate hain….”


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  1. Swati   January 12, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    Good expression!!


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