Health, fitness prime for Nick Carter now

Health, fitness prime for Nick Carter now

5Los Angeles, Sep 10 (IANS)¬†Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter says following his treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, he’s extra cautious about his health and fitness, especially because he feels accountable to his wife.

Carter, who quit partying in 2008 after struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, credits his wife of one year, Lauren Kitt, for helping him become a “completely different person”, reports

“I’m a completely different person. I’m all about health, fitness and longevity now. My wife, Lauren, helps a lot. She’s someone I have to be accountable to,” Carter told In Touch Weekly magazine.

The couple is also thinking about having a baby.

Asked if he’s planning to have children soon, he said: “Maybe the end of next year. There’s no rush.”

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