“Havan and Bhandara” for “World Peace and Prosperity”

“Havan and Bhandara” for “World Peace and Prosperity”
By Ashutosh Raina


Kashmiri Pandits Australia (KPA) organized a “Havan and Bhandara” for “World Peace and Prosperity” at Shree Laxminarayan Mandir, Burbank.

Kashmiri Pandits Australia came together in Brisbane and performed a havan for “World Peace & Prosperity”, which coincided with temple’s Vishwa Shanti Yagna.

Havan started at around 4:30 pm till 5:45 pm, followed by discourse and bhajans by Saint Acharya Akhilesh from Haridwar India.” The hyms & prayers were followed by a great dinner and chit-chat!

This had been in active discussion for sometime within the KPA community and finally happened on the eve of “Telli  Ashtami” on 5th March, 2017.

Lots of Brisbane families attended the event. Kashmiri Pandits Australia thanked  all the members and friends and families, who joined in this pious cause and had prasad and blessings!


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