“Haters are your motivators”: Daisy Shah

She’s a very talented dancer, choreographer and actress and she has made a name for herself in the industry in a very short span of time. Meet the very beautiful Daisy Shah in conversation with Rajesh Sharma of Indus Age, where the actress gets candid about her journey so far, how she takes criticism and appreciation and more..Excerpts:

Compiled by NIDHI KUMARI

You’ve been an assistant choreographer to one of the veterans of choreography, Ganesh Acharya and then you ventured into Kannad Films, when Salman Khan spotted you for your first Bollywood breakthrough in ‘Jai Ho’. Tell us more about it. (your journey so far)..

The journey has been really difficult. But they say that if the journey is not difficult, it won’t reap the fruits so well. And I am a person who doesn’t plan things. I embrace everything with open arms. I go with the flow. I started in the industry just to make some pocket money and I have reached here.

 You are not very old to the Bollywood industry but you are engraving your name in the industry, through your performances on screen. Your comments on that.

My only agenda is to work better. I am working hard to win myself rather than the world. Because if I am not happy with my work, the world too won’t be.

The industry is witnessing women-centric films and there’s a lot of transformation as one can see many off beat commercial films doing well. What are your thoughts on that?

Earlier Bollywood was considered a male dominated film but thankfully now we’ve many female-oriented films with great actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. Today, its about girls taking lead.

 As a celebrity, your life is open to public scrutiny, how do you deal with that?

I try to turn negative comments into positive. I follow the saying- ‘Haters are your motivators’ and that keeps me going.

 What is the best thing about being a part of the industry?

You get to play characters which you are not in real life. Like, I played a character in Jai Ho which I am not in reality. I am a very reserved person in real. Then being in the industry you get to visit and shoot in exotic locations. And when you meet different people in the industry, it makes you wiser.

You’re beautifully talented and if I had to ask you, the beauty regimen you follow, your answer to that would be.

I don’t miss my work-out. To make my skin look better I sweat it out and eat healthy.

You are a gifted dancer, choreographer, a model, and an actress. Which one these you enjoy the most and why?

All three because it has made me who I am today.. An actor needs to know how to dance, pose and face the camera. Dancing and modelling helped me become an actor.

You’re coming to Australia on the first ever Da-Bang The Tour this April, with 6 other stars; are you excited?

I am super-excited. I am going to dance my heart out. And this is my first tour after becoming an actor.

We will interact with people connect with them. The energy is going to be something else.

Salman Khan will be leading the Da-Bang The Tour, how is he as a person and a co-star?

He’s a genuine person and he’s taught me to do better. The yearning to rise from 50% to 100%, is what I have learnt from him.

Since you are a performer, a trained dancer, so what all is instore for the audience at Da-Bang The Tour?

A BANG…All the artists are fantastic. We will be dancing on different genre, its going be fun. Be there for the show as we all are coming for YOU!

Da-Bang The Tour in Sydney is organised by ‘Cinestar Events Australia’, in association with ‘The Chocolate Room Australia’. It is organised by Sizzlin Productions and RK Developments in Melbourne.

Catch the biggest stars of Bollywood this April at: Da-Bang The Tour concert on : 22nd April Sydney and 23rd April Melbourne.

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