Hanuman Jayanti celebrated with Sunderkand Path

Hanuman Jayanti celebrated with Sunderkand Path

By Mittal Ruparelia

We are feeling great to announce a successful 6th year event for our Hanuman Jayanti celebration. The response from our community and society was beyond description. I would like to thank everyone for making this event a grand achievement.

As compared to last year, we noticed even bigger crowd from start till the end. Altogether we had around 3000 community members who attended the celebration this year. Since 2pm the crowd started coming for “Chhappanbhog” darshan and set up. People enjoyed the Darshan until 4 pm and until the actual event started at 4:30pm, the hall was already half packed. We then started Sunderkand Path and people started singing along with our group. It was a magical atmosphere as over 2000 people were singing the Sunderkand in the hall. There were people attending the event from all around Australia and even from overseas. Many parents from overseas couldn’t believe their eyes when they actually witnessed the event like this outside India.

The announcement of the Hanuman Temple “Maruti Dham” was a crux of the event. The crowd got flabbergasted in joy with the news. The temple activities we are going to conduct for kids and senior citizens were praised by many. Few children from RSS did some shlokas and amazed the crowd. First time in history, we also recited Indian National Anthem with everyone taking part in it and remembering our Nation with proud and excitement.

Dinner was served followed by the Darshan and Aarati. People were so disciplined and patient while enjoying food and everyone had a great time meeting with their friends and other community members. Our band also performed live Dandiya and made everyone happy to end the night.

I can’t thank enough to all my volunteers and Councillors.  Last but not the least our sincere thanks to our community for supporting us and making this event even better. I look forward to have continued help and support from everyone and I promise you all to be at your help and service whenever required.

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