‘Gurukull’ that strives to imbibe Indian culture, traditions and moral, inaugurated in Australia

‘Gurukull’ that strives to imbibe Indian culture, traditions and moral, inaugurated in Australia

22‘Gurukull’ is a Sanskrit word which means a school, residential in nature, with ‘shishya’ (pupils) living near the guru, often within the same premises. Its incarnation here is the idea of Mrs. and Mr. Narinder Garg (Founders) to connect children with their language and culture such as Yoga. It also aims to work for the senior citizens and therefore, many activities for them have also been planned.

The inauguration of ‘Gurukull’ (though not residential) on 11 July was done by Mr. Nirmal Kumar, Head of Chancery, Indian Consulate by lighting a lamp. In his address, Mr. Nirmal Kumar, commended the Garg family and the team for the much needed initiative. The gathering was also addressed by Mr. Narinder Garg, Mrs. Garg, Mr. Manoj Kumar, Mrs. Kaushiliya Vaghela (MC) among others.

The welcome speeches were given by Mr. Narinder Garg and Mrs. Garg who introduced the concepts in action at ‘Gurukull’. According to them the aim of ‘Gurukull’ was to impart the knowledge of Hindi to kids and along with it teach them their culture. It was felt that in a new country it was necessary to do this to those growing up in a different atmosphere and culture. This will make them stick to their own culture and language while learning English living in the adopted country.

The national anthems of Australia and India were sung by a group of ‘Gurukul’ students and an interactive Hindi quiz was conducted by teachers in which all those who had gathered there participated. Chocolates were given away as prizes. This interactive language teaching method is also being used in the classes.
A demonstration of Yoga was given by Mr. Sagar via presentation on phone.
A few seniors also addressed the gathering explaining their experiences in Australia and the need to start programs for seniors also. This program is called ‘Chaupal’ where Indian seniors will socialize and exchange views amongst themselves. ‘Gurukull’ will help seniors also to adjust to the new country.

The event was attended by a large number of respected people and families of Indian, Bangladeshi and Nepalese origin. The atmosphere was cordial and intensely multicultural. People came in colourful traditional outfits and no one missed the opportunity of networking. Those already attending the classes could be seen in the crowd.

‘Gurukull’ has already started Hindi classes where unique teaching methods are being used. The response from families has been tremendous and they are taking keen interest in the project. Attempts are also being made to approach the Victorian School of Languages (VSL) to get any possible help for the organisation.

Narinder Garg added further in his speech that, Gurukul was his dream and it all has become possible only with the help of his team members, Sumit Kakkar , Sarbjit Singh ,Mannu ,Harmeet Ji from Koonj ,Shalini Ji ,and Sonia Ji.

He thanked all the Gurukul students and their parents for participating with full zest. He also extended his thanks to all the sponsors and supporters of the event. These included South Asia Times (SAT), Ambarsari Dhaba, Koonj, Barry Plant (Gordon Garg), My Wealth Manager, Chandigarh Hair & Beauty, Aucam and Kreatives.

To think of spreading ones culture and tradition in a foreign soil is a great idea indeed. This gives birth to multiculturalism and diversity.

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