Gulzar chooses Sukhwinder over Papon

Gulzar chooses Sukhwinder over Papon

8Writer-director Gulzar picked Sukhwinder Singh over Papon to render the climax song of actor Vijay Raaz’s directorial debut, ‘Kya Dilli Kya Lahore’. The veteran writer has been a mentor for the project and after watching it, he chose to become the presenter as well.

A source from the production unit says, `There were two tracks that were chosen for the climax song. Unit members were divided over which one should be used.`

The film’s producer Karan Arora says, `We were in a dilemma so we took the film with the two songs to him. One track Lakeerein Hai to Rehne Do was sung by Papon and other ‘Kisse Lambe’ by Sukhwinder. Gulzar heard the two, but chose ‘Kisse Lambe’ saying that the song stays with you even after the film gets over.`

The title of the film has also been coined by Gulzar. Arora adds, `We had gone to him with several titles which included ‘Border Order’, ‘Naa Dilli Naa Lahore’ he told us to change the second to ‘Kya Dilli Kya Lahore’.`

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