ssA tiny Western Lowland Gorilla has been born at Taronga Zoo. The baby, born to Frala and Silverback Kibali, is the second born at Taronga in the last seven months.


The new baby and Frala are healthy and are bonding well. Frala, 33, is a very experienced and successful mother having previously given birth to six gorillas, including two sons Fuzu and Fataki, to Taronga’s previous silverback, Kibabu.

Keepers are yet to determine the sex of the baby as Frala is keeping the baby very close to her.

The new infant joins Mjukuu, the little male born to mother Mbeli, was the first infant to be born to Taronga’s new gorilla group.


With two infants born within seven months, the next chapter in Taronga’s gorilla dynasty has certainly begun.


Taronga Zoo Executive Director Cameron Kerr said: “This birth is vital for Taronga’s highly successful Western Lowland Gorilla breeding program. The Zoo supports gorillas in the wild through the “They’re Calling You” program which recycles mobiles phones to reduce demand for illegally mined minerals and to raises funds for wildlife patrols and by choosing FSC-certified wood products which are sustainably sourced.”

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