image001Minister for Finance & Services, Dominic Perrottet, today announced that a re-elected Baird

Government will oversee a transition to digital licensing over the next four years.

For the first time in Australia, citizens will be able to choose to have a licence issued in digital


The Government will task its Digital Council, chaired by the Customer Service Commissioner Mike

Pratt, to develop a roadmap for taking all licences digital.

Mr Perrottet said, “Customers are doing more and more transactions on their smartphones. From

cafes to banks, businesses are offering customers the opportunity to access their services, loyalty

programs and payment systems through smartphone apps.”

“While the private sector has shifted to digital, the NSW Government must do the same.

“There are currently over 123 different licence types and we issue over 2.8 million plastic cards

each year, costing us tens of millions of dollars in printing.”

“We will target digital formats for a range of common licences, including NSW photo cards, boat

and fishing licences, and eventually drivers’ licences. Over time, this means that citizens will not

need to carry around multiple licences in their wallets.

“This commitment is the first of its kind in Australia, and we will ensure our digital licensing system

is at the cutting edge of international best practice,” he said.

Mr Perrottet said he looked forward to a more convenient licensing system for customers.

“Other jurisdictions such as Iowa and Delaware in the US have already announced a move to

digital drivers’ licences,” he said. “I look forward to working with the Digital Council to ensure that

security, privacy and regulatory issues are worked through.”

“The Police Commissioner is a strong supporter of this reform, and he will be consulted closely

during the implementation of this exciting initiative.”

The Digital Council will include a range of experts from across government (including Police,

Roads and Maritime Services, Office of Finance and Services and Service NSW) and will also

seek input from leading digital practitioners in the corporate sector.

The Council will work through a range of practical, security and regulatory considerations to

ensure that the NSW Government can deliver digital licences in the next term of government.

Mark Pesce, futurist and Honorary Associate from the Digital Cultures Program at the University of Sydney said,” consumers now increasingly expect services on their smartphones


In 2020 80% of all adults will own a smartphone – worldwide,” he said. “These digital licenses are

a natural next step, part of a significant shift to government services delivered immediately and

wirelessly, everywhere.

Mr Perrottet said the Baird Government was committed to a digital future for NSW.

This is all about offering our citizens choice and convenience,” he said. People expect to transact

with government online, when they want and how they want – and we intend to meet those


People will be able to choose whether they would prefer a digital licence on an opt-in basis.

Physical licences will continue to be available.

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