Gold Coast Parivar observed ‘Purshotum Mas’ with devotion and allegiance

Gold Coast Parivar observed ‘Purshotum Mas’   with devotion and allegiance

4 5 6During the recent Purshotum Mas, Pradip Gorasia & Bina Gorasia invited and

hosted the renowned Kathakar from Mumbai, India, Benshree Vijuben Rajani.

Benshree gave lectures on various subjects such as Navadha Bhakti, Shiva

Mahatmya, Sunderkaand, Gopi Geet, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Shrimad Bhagawat,

Devi Bhagwat and Geeta. Although she is not a “Karmakandi” Bhramin, she

facilitates the performance of several religious rites. This has made her very popular

in places outside India where such rites are difficult to perform without proper

guidance. She has performed Bhagawat Saptahs and Yagnas in USA, England

Madagascar, Gulf countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Fiji Island, New

Zealand, South Africa, East Africa, Portugal and many other remote settings in India

and abroad. Benshree has traveled to USA eighteen times and spread her word in 45

states and over 200 cities.

She performed various manoraths in Gold Coast from 2nd July 2015 to 11th July

2015 such as Vishnu Sahastra puja, Shri Yamunashtakam, Shri Satyanarayan

Katha, Nau Manorath, Shri Giri Kandra Manorath, Giriraj Darshan, Ankut

Darshan, Vrindavan Shobha Manorath, Lala Pragatya Utsav, Shri Geeta

Mrutam and Bhagavad Havan which were hosted at various homes in Gold

Coast by Pradip Gorasia, Pankaj Upadhyay, Anand Vaitha, Shaurin Shah, Dev

Baswal, Atul Doshi, Sunil Bhindi and Rajesh Barot.

During the period of purushottam mas people perform various types of religious

rituals such as keeping fast, recitation of religious scriptures, mantras, prayers,

performing various types of puja’s and havans. Vrats during various timings

(full day, half day, weekly, fortnight, full month) are carried out as per the

tolerance capacity of individuals. These vratas may be of complete fasting with

liquids only or without liquids, fasting with fruits only or keeping fast with one

time vegetarian food.

Persons performing good deeds/satkarma in this month conquer their

indriyas/senses and they totally come out of punar janam i.e. cycle of rebirth

and also their miseries are eradicated.

The final event of Tulsi Vivah hosted together with Gold Coast Parivar on 12th

July 2015 was held at the Helensvale Hall. In the Hindu dharma, all

Vaishanavas celebrate this day by re-enacting this marriage of Lord Vishnu and

Tulsiji. It is celebrated with great pomp and splendour as this is the marriage of

our Lord. Giving a daughter in marriage is considered to be an extremely

meritorious act in the Hindu dharma, it is said one who performs this marriage

does so considering Tulsi to be one’s own daughter, thereby gaining the credit

of Kanyadan.

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