GOIFY: Engaging Indian Families and the Youth

GOIFY: Engaging Indian Families and the Youth

1The Global Organisation for Indian Family and Youth Incorporated (GOIFY Inc.) – a step toward connecting Indian families and youth in countries across the world, is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide lasting friendship and mateship. GOIFY is also committed to promote and preserve rich Indian culture and heritage. It also paves way for professional and personal growth and development.

Vivek K. Baliga, President of GOIFY said, “GOIFY represents modern Indian thinking without a compromise on Indian roots; where old and new ideas co-exists without conflicts. GOIFY is fresh, vibrant, collaborative and expansive which believes in changing the way how immigrant Indian families feel and live around the world.”

Taking this vision forward through their first major event, GOIFY is organising Brisbane Mela 2015 at Centenary State School, Jindalee starting on 31st October and 1st November, 2015.  A promising fun filled two day event with cultural performances, sports and delicious food.

“We want to welcome and urge Indian families and youth from all walks of life to come forward to volunteer or sponsor the Brisbane Mela 2015 festival and make this a big success, paving the way forward for more such meet ups,” Vivek added.


To find out more about GOIFY’s objective, vision and values please visit-http://www.goify.org/

For Brisbane Mela 2015 festival information please visit-http://festival.goify.net.

The Brisbane Mela 2015 team contacts for :

Sponsoring / Rent a food or a market stall – Vivek  Baliga : 0408 623 765

Participating in cultural programs – Rajesh Radhakrishnan : 0433 275 822

Participating in sports programs – Altaf  Morkas : 0425 978 652

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